Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Venice in the 16th century

Our newest puzzle is a 16th century map of Venice.  I managed to get to Venice once - it was the "low-season" there, which is about 10 days a year in November when the canal bridges ice up.  It was wonderfully quiet and mystically romantic. Why aren't all cities like that? According to the Osher Map Library, this is the first map with the word Ghetto marked on it. The Venetian Ghetto was the Jewish neighborhood. The word has come to refer to any segregated neighborhood. Our puzzle will give you that Venetian sense of being just a little lost - almost all the...

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New! Small Puzzles now in Small Boxes

By popular request, our small puzzles will come in small cardboard boxes with bigger pictures of the puzzle image. (Mind you, it's way more fun to do the puzzle without looking at the image!) The small boxes have a magnetic closure, so they're easy to open, but stay fairly well closed. Some small puzzles have already been transitioned to boxes, including Hokusai Dragon, Degas Ballerinas, Monet Bridge... the other small puzzles are on our Bags-to-Boxes Sale to clear out the current inventory. Our bigger puzzles ($60 and up) will continue to come in wood boxes. 

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Puzzling Notes on The Gift Arrives Puzzle

Here's some notes on what it's like to do the Gift Arrives Puzzle from one of our beta-testers (who's done over 40 of our puzzles): The striking thing about this vibrant puzzle is that the pieces follow a hexagonal grid.  With six sides, each piece is richer - the extra two sides can each be innies, outies, or false edges, for more variety. This simple trick, together with Tara Flannery's elegant sense of shape, makes for one of Artifact's most beautiful cuts. Each piece looks fresh. The connectors are mostly delicately shaped knobs, with a few connectors shaped as tiny...

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Kevin Sloan on "The Gift Arrives"

Our first Kevin Sloan puzzle, "The Gift Arrives," captivates with its mysterious formality.  We asked Sloan about the inspiration behind this painting, and he explained:  Living in Santa Fe I often see prairie dogs in fields around town.  They can be pretty comical at times but in particular I was struck one day how they hold something with their two "hands."  It made me wonder what I could have them hold, and this painting idea was born.  I've often worked with the idea of a parade or processional movement of animals and objects across the canvas and this painting is...

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Survey Says...

Thanks to everyone who gave their opinions and suggestions on our "What art do you want us to make into a puzzle?" survey. We're putting up a new survey so we can get multiple opinions on some of your suggestions - it may take us a couple surveys to get through them all. A few people asked for a new Four Color Map style puzzle, which we had promised a year ago.  Well, we had a great design for a 186 piece version that had manufacturing issues, so we're back at the drawing board on that, but we do hope...

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