Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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We're Discontinuing the Seurat Eiffel Tower Puzzle!

We're discontinuing our superhard 150 piece $30 Seurat Eiffel tower puzzle. There are only 5 left so get one now before it's too late! 

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"What's the Last Time You Did A Jigsaw Puzzle?"

Our friends at art-blog boom just gave away one of our Kozyndan puzzles to their readers. In order to get a chance to win people had to answer the question, "What was the last time you did a jigsaw puzzle?" You can see all the answers (and check out what their newest give-away at boom-give-away, but here were our two favorite answers: IAN: it was on the airplane the other day with the kid sitting next to me ! (Ahhhh... ain't that sweet!) SARAH: Seriously hardcore – endless swathes of coal-pitch darkness, occasionally brightened by the odd smudge of yellow serving only to...

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New Puzzle! Scott Campbell's Supreme Battle

  We recently released a new puzzle Supreme Battle of a  medieval battle scene with orchestra musicians scattered throughout the fray! We asked the artist Scott Campbell to tell us about this work: Maya: "How did you get the idea for throwing musicians into your battle scene?" Scott: "I always associate epic battle with epic orchestra music and at the time I was into visiting the symphony. I noticed that oftentimes when the musicians are playing something epic, they are getting super emotional and sweaty as if they themselves were in the battle. I figured a sea of musicians and knights trying to battle...

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New Puzzle! Joe Vaux's Season of the Rabbit

Joe Vaux's Season of the Rabbit shows a focused white rabbit astride a mean tortoise hunting scared natives. We asked Joe Vaux how he got the idea, and he told us,   "All my life I have felt a deep sadness for the way humans treat the other creatures of the planet.  Every once in a while I paint images where the animal kingdom in my head is allowed bloody vengeance. Season of the Rabbit is my version of the English fox hunt turned inside out."     For me,  it's a tightly-composed comical tragedy that illustrates the power of co-operation over competition through the...

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New Puzzle! Thomas Cole's The Past

A little over a year ago, I asked my sister what she thought would make a good puzzle and she suggested castles. I started searching for nice paintings of castles and mostly came up with photographs, or the Disney castle. However, a few months ago, I got lucky and stumbled upon The Past by Thomas Cole. This image not only has a lovely, detailed castle, but the excitement of a joust in the foreground. There are small details throughout the painting which keep the eye moving and the mind wondering what else is happening in the painting. The whimsy pieces...

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