Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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What is the Difference Between Our Ecru Line and our Main Artifact Puzzles Line?

We came out with a new line of puzzles in 2019 that we make a bit differently, so we call them Ecru puzzles.  The Ecru line is a bit more expensive to make, and so the prices are a bit higher for the same piece count.  There are two key physical differences to our main line of Artifact puzzles. The first key difference is that the Ecru puzzle pieces are cut a little closer together, which makes final picture look more like one picture, and less like it is made out of pieces. This is really nice if you want to...

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Check out the Upcoming Puzzles for 2020

We've posted some of the new puzzles we'll be coming out with in 2020 on the Coming Soon page. Here's a few highlights: New Erin Hanson puzzles: Hues of Zion, and Layers of Afternoon. Erin Hanson is a California artist who paints like a cheery modern Van Gogh: New Double-sided puzzles:  a double-sided Paul Ranson Flowers, and a double-sided Jan Van Kessel the Elder bugs New Klimt Baby: And two new incredible up-and-coming artists: Canadian Aaron Wolf's  sublime Cathedral of the Changing Tides, and Polish painter Roch Urbaniak's empyreal Sage of Yamatai:    

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Legend for the La Connaissance Puzzle Whimsies

Our La Connaissance Puzzle was painted by French artist Isabelle Plante, and is studded with knowledge-themed whimsies and whimsies of great thinkers.  Which great thinkers did we choose? (legend below). Which great thinkers would you choose?   There are so many great thinkers, but we used two criteria: have they inspired folks today? And would their silhouette make for a great whimsy?  SPOILER ALERT!   Here's a legend of all the Connaissance whimsies:

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You Could Be Doing So Much More With Your Paper Clips

Adam Hillman is one of the best object-arrangement artists we've seen, with a great sense of color and composition. Here's his version of Edvard Munch's The Scream in paper-clips:   Here's Hillman's citrus homage to Josef Albers:   And here's what this man does with avocados:   You can check out more of Hillman's art on his Instagram page or his society6 page. And of course, you can enjoy our challenging puzzle of Edvard Munch's painting The Scream here.    

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25% off our exquisite 15th century Nativity Puzzle

Our 15th century nativity puzzle is an exquisite painting of the Adoration of the Magi, and has an extra-special puzzle design by Jef Bambas, but we over-stocked it a bit this year, so we're giving you a very special opportunity to get ahold of it now at 25% off for $33.60 while supplies last. Here's a 5 minute youtube video with more detail on the painting.    

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