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Distinguish Yourself From Life Forms That Don’t Do Jigsaw Puzzles (A Guest Blog Post)

This is a guest blog post from puzzle investor Timothy Wright: The wimmin in my life tell me that the one human ability that distinguishes us from all other life forms on earth is our ability to accessorize. So it only stands to reason the critical importance of having jigsaw accessories. In this post, I'll share some of the accessories I've found most useful.  I like to use two jigsaw puzzle boards: I can sort pieces on one board and assemble the final puzzle on another board. I imagine a white linen table cloth with a soft under padding would also work. The key thing...

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Tips and Tricks for Framing Wood Puzzles?

Some of you like to frame your puzzles. But others worry it's too final: "They shoot horses that can no longer run, I wonder if it would be criminal to glue, frame and hang an Artifact Puzzle because if a horse was born to run, an Artifact puzzle was born to be used, shared and reused." But as this customer asks does framing have to be a final choice, or  "Are some mounting methods easily reversible?"   Anyone have a good answer for that?  And more generally, while we've published some advice on framing on how to frame wooden jigsaw puzzles, we'd love...

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Sneak Peek at Eric Joyner Tiki MisAdventure Puzzle Coming in January

We'll have a new family-friendly kind-of-easy Eric Joyner Artifact puzzle with around 500 pieces out in January called Tiki Misadventure to chase the winter blues away: The puzzle design is by Jef Bambas and has a lot of connector variety, and fun themed Polynesian and robot and jungle themed whimsies. 

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The Human Connection Behind Artifact Puzzles (A Guest Blog Post)

This is a guest blog post from puzzle investor Timothy Wright: I read someplace that experts have decreed that precisely four forms of human intimacy exist:  intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical.  And that as a culture we are all starved for more connectedness or intimacy.  I’ll argue, as someone with an alert service dog that I trained myself, that I’ve had all four kinds of intimacy with other species.  My labrador puppy “Alleluia” hooks his wrists over my shoulders, looks me in the eye and licks my face.  So yea, we connect.  He can read me like a book, and with one expert look, he knows...

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The Annoying Lack of Side Labels on Our Puzzles

We're hearing from more of you that it's a problem that our Artifact line doesn't have a side-label that you can use to organize your Artifact puzzles. Here's a visual of the problem from customer Karen J. (thanks for permission to share) - how are you supposed to know which one is which?  Some good news is our newer Ecru line  does come with side labels on the long-side of the box. But to see those you still need to stack/organize your puzzles with the long-side of the box showing.  We are hoping to have a solution to this in early 2020 where...

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