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Tricks and Quiz: Recognizing Famous Painters

Enjoy this silly, but accurate, guide to recognizing paintings by the most famous painters, from bored panda. Then test your skills below by guessing the right painter for the artworks below (all the artworks are from artists covered by the guide - answers at the bottom). Test Image #1:   Test Image #2:    Test Image #3:   Test Image #4:     Test Image #5     Test Image #6   Got your guesses? Scroll down for the answers! . . . . . . . . . . . ... further down for answers ... . . . . ....

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An Unusual Thanksgiving

The photos we've seen from friends and family today suggest Thanksgiving doesn't quite look like usual this year, from the long table outside with a big empty space to separate households, or the selfies-with-rest-of-family-on-zoom photos to get that yearly family photo.  Well, here's some fun photos of what Thanksgiving might look like if certain artists were in charge:  

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XKDC's Guide to Guessing When A World Map Was Made

XKDC, intellectual comic extra-ordinaire, has prepared an amusing romp through geo-political history in their guide to figuring out the age of an udated map - here's a taste:

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Bruce Riley Originals Sale

Many of you have enjoyed our Bruce Riley puzzles (back in-stock this winter), so we wanted to let you know Bruce is having a sale on Etsy of some of his smaller originals right now.  Bruce paints with resin - here's a fun 5 minute video showing how he does it. 

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Isabel the Puzzle-Eating Beagle

Isabel's owners have discovered Isabel the Beagle would grab pieces that were left close to the edge of the table, and then eat them.  "Now when I’m going to stop puzzling, I push all the pieces into the middle of the table so she can’t do a drive-by snatch. I also push in the chair so she can’t jump up for easier access." Thanks for keeping your pets away from puzzle pieces!    

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