Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Updated the Category Pages - now easier to search for Irregular Edges

We've updated and improved a bunch of the category pages (see the left menu on the home page), so it's now easier to search for puzzles by design features like puzzles with irregular edges, or by difficulty or by categories like impressionist-y art or fanciful art or famous paintings. Lastly, there is also a handy list of puzzles by artist.

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Sneak Peak at Savery Noah's Ark

We have a brand new Noah's Ark coming soon! This painting by Jacob Savery the Elder is sure to please anyone that wants in big puzzle experience in, perhaps, a smaller time frame. Coming in at around 150 pieces, this puzzle contains animal whimsies and Earley connectors. We are proud to have designer Kathryn Flocken tame the herd on this piece. To hold you over until we have it all finished up and in stock here is a little sneak peak: Happy Puzzling!

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Zoning: probably not good for developers, poor people, or the birds

Ever wonder why we don't have more cute mixed-use cities like you see in Europe or Japan, with businesses on the street level and then some office space above, and people living up above, saving on commute and making for walkable cities? Mostly it's due to extensive and complicated zoning rules that say what you can build where. More evidence is coming out showing these zoning rules are hurting our economy, as well as potentially bad for the environment (because they lead to less dense living, and dense living is generally thought to be more environmentally efficient).  Last September, Obama...

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Kevin Sloan's The Worrier: on its way home from the US Embassy in Australia

While you can enjoy Kevin Sloan's painting The Worrier as a puzzle in the comfort of your dining room, the actual painting has spent the last 4 years on-loan to the US Embassy in Canberra, Australia.   It was sent there as part of the US Art in Embassies program , started by JFK, which curates selections of American artworks for our embassies, borrowed from museums and private citizens.  The Worrier was picked by Obama's Australian Ambassador John Barry and his husband Curtis Yee (making John Barry, in 2013, the first openly-gay ambassador to a G-20 nation). Yee blogged about selecting their artwork,  "A...

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New Puzzles Under Development: What We're Working on Now

Our ambition is to come out with 50 new puzzles in 2017, some of those are listed on the Coming Eventually page, but we've got a bunch more planned that aren't up there yet. These ones we're currently designing puzzles for now, and they should come out in the next 2-8 weeks (sometimes, with complicated puzzles, we end up futzing around a while): Erin Hanson Crystal Grove  Bruce Riley Stem Cell  Night of the Mystic Moons (see recent blog article for sneak peek) Klimt The Kiss Map of Palo Alto (Silicon Valley) Circle of Time (sneak peak coming soon) Savery Noah's Ark  Rekunenko...

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