Artisinal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Gift Cards! New!

We are so excited to finally offer gift cards  - click the link (or search on our webpage), and there is a drop-down menu to pick an amount from $10-$500. You get an email with a one-use code, and you can print out the code and put it in a card, or just email someone the code. Then they go on our website and redeem it. Just what I always wanted :).

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New Puzzle in Stock: Vikram Madan's Caf-fiend

We just got Caf-fiend in stock, and while the puzzle is only 81 pieces, he's just the cutest little fiend, and it's a particularly fun and clever small puzzle design by artist Vikram Madan and Tara Flannery. We've put it on-sale at a special price of $20 to encourage a little early xmas-shopping.     The other 3 new puzzles we are still hoping to get in stock by mid-Dec are  Claire Henley Sailing Round the Mount (256 pieces) Pierre Bonnard Sous l'Arbre (~ 200 pieces) Savery's Noahs Ark (~150 pieces) For January, we are working hard on the Kevin Sloan...

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Coming Eventually! Erin Hanson's Crystal Grove

We are delighted to partner with a new artist, Erin Hanson, to bring you her breath-takingly beautiful painting Crystal Grove as a puzzle, sometime in 2017:

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Return of Maria Berg's Gator McBumpypants

Maria Berg is well known through the Artifact Puzzles community for her charming puzzle designs but did you know that she also writes children's picture books? She is currently in the process of working on her fourth installment of her Gator Mcbumpypants & Friends' Adventures series. After lots of planning, Maria has decided upon the next character for the series - a box turtle! Just look at the little guy! She already has the perfect little face but she is seeking your help for the perfect name for this little turtle! If your name is the chosen winner it will...

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Super cute tiny stuffed monsters 50% off at Hillgrove's site

Seattle monster artist Justin Hillgrove is having a 50% off sale of his super cute tiny stuffed monsters and we just had to tell you about it.

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