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"Gangenstein" Sneak Peak

Here's a little sneak peak for all the puzzle-loving monsters out there! Eric Joyner's Gangenstein is an absolute electrifying experience in puzzle form. Designed by Jef Bambas, this work has some brand new features never seen in any of our puzzles before. There are an abundance of robot whimsy pieces that mix and match to build different robots! Look at our very own creation! Gangenstein also features a straight edge, multi-piece gear whimsies, and ball and socket connectors. This one should be in stock by the end of August!  Happy Puzzling!

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Sneak Peak at new Jim Flora "Tenement K" Puzzle

We are excited to bring you another puzzle from artist Jim Flora! Tenement K will be our second puzzle featuring this artist's painting. You might not know Jim Flora's paintings, but you probably recognize the signature style he developed, which has inspired many artists since. Jim Flora is kind of a big deal.  Flora is "best-known for his wild jazz and classical album covers for Columbia Records (late 1940s) and RCA Victor (1950s)" ( Pretty cool, huh? This new puzzle was designed by Steve Simpson and has themed whimsies imitating Jim flora artwork, and the connectors are fun and cartoony. As for difficulty, the puzzle is average,...

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Kevin Sloan Spotted in the Wild

It's always so excited to see a familiar face in an unexpected place! Recently, our very own Maya happened to stumble upon some wildlife while rummaging through the bookstore in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Take a look at the snapshot she was able to capture:   Do you see anything... familiar? Something that might remind you of any of our puzzles? Well if your mind drifted to our wonderful Kevin Sloan puzzle collection you are right on track! This issue of the literary magazine Tin House features one of our favorite artists' painting right on the cover! Here's a link to the...

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New Science Magazine Article on "AI: Cracking Open Deep Learning"

"Deep learning" is the new face of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it's what powers the predictions that companies like Google and Facebook and Uber make about what results and ads and videos and posts you'd like to see. When our creative director Maya isn't working at Artifact Puzzles, she's running an R&D group at Google that designs these "machine learning algorithms." Here's a great new article for non-techies from Science Magazine on "Cracking Open Deep Learning" featuring some of her team's work!

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Recaptcha Sneak Peak!

Anyone else excited for some new Eric Joyner puzzles?! We know we are! Consistent with his robot and donuts theme, "Recaptcha" is up next for this San Mateo, California native's collection. You can see the L-Shaped and circle connectors as well as some of the cyberspace themed whimsies here: Currently residing in San Francisco, Eric Joyner's work has been featured in "sets of some TV show such as: The Big Bang Theory, Zoey 101, Zeke and Luther, I Carley & a new pilot called 'The way we live' " ( We are more than honored to also feature his work in...

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