Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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What we're learning from your survey responses

We really appreciate it when you take the survey after purchasing, and vote on images for new puzzles, and definitely read the comments carefully.   Right now we're getting strong messages that lots of people want: more bright colors! no dark prints! irregular edges! no boring big sky patches! You will see that reflected in the puzzles we come out with this year. And then it gets more complex, but we are definitely hearing requests for more: more beautiful art fanciful/whimsical, but not "cute" more museum art more puzzles with drop-out and complicated pieces more hard puzzles with geometric/tessellation pieces like...

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We'll Reveal the Irregular Edge for Welcome to the Wilderness early April

The new Kevin Sloan puzzle Welcome to the Wilderness has a great irregular edge that we're not showing you in the product image, in case you like a bit of a surprise.  But just to warn you, in case you prefer to be surprised, sometime in April we'll change the product image to show the irregular edge.  

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Last Chance: Big Pieces Flower Children Puzzle

We're dis-continuing the Big Pieces Flower Children Puzzle, there's about 10 left in stock, so last chance to get one. It's a great puzzle, but we just don't have enough customers in the 3-7 yr old range to make this one viable. Here's 1 of 3 customer reviews this puzzle has managed to attract in over 5 years: Our 3-year-old son, Thomas, is ADDICTED to this puzzle. He calls it "The ABC Puzzle," and we think he's done it at least 50 times. After a few joint sessions with Mom and Dad, he now does it all by himself! What...

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New Puzzle In Stock: Rekunenko Royal Bookseller

This new 120 piece puzzle is a delightfully fanciful painting by contemporary Ukranian painter Valentine Rekunenko. Our puzzle has an oval edge, so the puzzle image doesn't quite capture all the fun details: As I wrote in the product description, the puzzle pieces all looked very beige when I poured them out on the table for the beta-test, but upon closer inspection, one starts to notice the colors and details, and this gives the puzzle a sense of discovery. The puzzle design has reverse mushroom curl connectors and some nice themed whimsies (puzzle design by Tara Flannery).      ...

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New Board Game Featuring Justin Hillgrove's Art

We have a handful of different puzzles by Seattle's famous imps and monsters painter Justin Hillgrove, but just in case you wanted a game with his fun art, you are in luck! There is a new KickStarter campaign going on right now with a new board game featuring his original art . The campaign is for the board game By Order of the Queen and features artwork by Hillgrove himself. By Order of the Queen is a fantasy role-playing game where each player takes on a role as a guildmaster in the Kingdom of Tessandor. As of today, the campaign has 23...

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