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Periodic Table of Possible Motions

This is a really fun table of different kinds of possible motions.

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National Landscape Gallery

  More cartoons by Richard Jolley.

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Our Spherical World, Projected

You see maps all the time with all 7 continents laid out in a rectangle, and you know that the map can't really be quite right, since we live on a sphere... How to get from a sphere to a flat map is an old question. Mostly we see a solution called the Mercatur projection.  You might have seen the West Wing Episode (season 2, epsiode 16) where some people lobbying the President to champion showing our planet in school maps using the Gall Peters projection. But did you know people have come up with dozens of ways to "see" our earth...

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Winning Photos from our Summer Photo Contest!

Here are the winning photos from our Summer Photo Contest, we thank everyone for their great entries! The only rule was the photo had to include at least one puzzle piece! (If you didn't hear about this contest, you might not be signed up for our email Gazette, which features news, contests, info on sales and more, and comes out roughly 4x a year.  To sign up for our email Gazette, buy a puzzle from this site, take the survey at the end, and put in your email at the end.) First Place Winners: "Puzzle Romance" by Martha H. of Wisconsin: ...

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Backstory on new movie about jigsaw puzzles, "Puzzle"

The new indy movie Puzzle is getting rave reviews (83% positive on Here's some backstory on it from the famous jigsaw puzzle historian Anne D. Williams: Puzzle Dazzles at Sundance  Dave Beffa-Negrini just alerted me to the new movie Puzzle, starring Kelly Macdonald and Irrfan Khan. When it premiered at Sundance this January, it captivated audiences.  Puzzle is an American adaptation of the 2010 Argentine film of the same name, directed by Natalie Smirnoff. It received very positive reviews on the whole, although one critic dismissed it as a knockoff of the French Queen to Play (about a chess player). The Puzzle Parley...

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