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Sneak Peek at the New Short Lived Balloon Puzzle

We are proud to present our first puzzle from engineer-turned-artist Vikram Madan! Designed by Tara Flannery, this ghoulishly playful piece features terrifically terrifying (but fun!) whimsy pieces and will be in the 200 piece range.  And what's with the balloon you ask? You will just have to wait and see! We promise it is a nice little twist on traditional Halloween. We are working our hardest to get it in stock before Halloween for your ultimate hair-raising puzzle experience!  

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The World Is Getting Better

Good news - despite the big fear talk from popular media, most data I can find suggests the world really is getting better. One of my favorite sources of data on this is Steven Pinker's surprisingly readable and upbeat book on how violence is decreasing worldwide steadily over human history. But here's another uplifting graph showing life expectancy is on the rise everywhere - yea! Except I guess we all have to save more for retirement...

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Fun Famous Painting Quiz

Here's a fun famous painting quiz for a 5 minute distraction, you have to guess what painting it is based on a low-res version of it.   I scored 12 out of 14, but I think I got a little lucky :).  

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New Karla Gerard Evening Stars In Stock: 643 or 644 pieces!

The good news is the new Karla Gerard Evening Stars puzzle is now in-stock, and it's an incredible 643 pieces!   But, the box sticker says 644, because of an off-by-one error (uh, C++ joke here).   So this first batch we are pricing at a discount - it was on super-sale at $120 for the first few lucky buyers while we confirmed the piece count. It's now on sale for $138 for the rest of this first batch that has the mis-match (643 pieces in the box, but the sticker says 644 pieces). We will sell about 50 at...

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New Karla Gerard Evening Stars puzzle shipped - Piece count and price uncertain

We just shipped out the first few of the new Evening Stars puzzle by Karla Gerard (sneak peek at the pieces a few blog posts down). But I think we messed up the piece count on the original labels - the correct piece count is somewhere between 544-644 pieces. We've set the price at $120, but will modify that price (probably up a little I fear) once we figure out the right piece count, but if we do have the wrong price on the label, we may offer the first few with the typo at a lower price than usual...

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