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Interview with Circle of Time artist Tomasz Pietrzyk

We've just created our third puzzle with the captivating art of Polish painter Tomasz Pietrzyk, called Circle of Time (below), and we asked him to share a bit about his artwork.   We're Bayesians, so we'll put the English translation first, but his original Polish is down below if you happen to read Polish! Tomasz Pietrzyk (Translation from Polish by Kasia Kryca)   Ever since I can remember I liked the fantasy painting. I spent tons of time looking at the images of various characters from the world of fantasy. Later on they did influence my own art. I did not want, however, to duplicate what...

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Productivity and Jobs in the US, by Locality

There's been a lot of confusing over-simplified talk lately about how GDP growth in the US is lower than expected. There is of course the usual concern of whether GDP even measures what we should care about.  But ignoring that meta-issue, here's an in-depth article looking at the variance of growth in different parts of the US.  If reading a whole article feels is more fun than you have time for, here's a summary figure we borrowed from the article: Size of dot = # workers Color of dot = Darker is more productive as measured by $$

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Our "Four-Color Map Theorem" Puzzle is Finally Back!

Our "four-color map theorem" puzzle is a bit hard to make, and so it's been out-of-stock for years (thanks Stephanie for finally getting this made again!) I've personally done it about 20 times, it's a good puzzle for passing out with the coffee after dinner with friends, and letting people pass the pieces around until they find a connection.   The four-color map theorem says that no matter how complicated your map, you only need 4 different colors to color it, and you can color it so that no two adjacent countries get the same color.  As a kid, I spent...

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Interview with Artist Vikram Madan

We just released Night of the Mystic Moons, painted by Seattle painter Vikram Madan. Here's an interview with the artist: AP: Could you give us a brief personal history? When did you begin your artistic journey? Madan:   I was born and grew up in India. Was always creating something or the other as a kid, and did a lot of self-taught cartooning in my college years, but ended up studying engineering and worked in tech for most of my life. A few years ago, an epiphany in a Paris museum led me to take part-time art classes, and then 4 years...

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Shipping Our Puzzles to Places Not in the US

Up until now, we accepted international orders by email, but had to charge exorbitant shipping rates. We have realized that the best and cheapest way to get our puzzles shipped outside the US is instead to use a Parcel Forwarding Service (PFS).   A PFS gives you a "virtual" US address (which is their warehouse), so you can shop as if you are in the US.  You can buy just one thing, or a bunch of stuff from different websites.  You order your stuff from US websites to the PFS, then the PFS forwards all your stuff to you in whatever country...

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