Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Circle of Time: Time-Lapse

Customer Jean-Luc Brouillet sent us this incredible time-lapse video of assembling Circle of Time. If you want to see some excellent puzzling teamwork, check it out!

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Brampton Inn Artifact Puzzles Contest

If you find yourself near Chestertown, Maryland at the end of March we know where you should be! Brampton Inn, a romantic and charming bed and breakfast, is hosting a puzzle contest featuring our puzzles! Each team consists of two members and the fastest team gets to take home their puzzle! And lunch will be included! Find information about Brampton Inn and the Artifact Puzzles contest by clicking here. Thank you to Brampton Inn for putting on this contest. Good luck to all teams and Happy Puzzling!

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New Year, New Puzzles

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope that everyone is getting a good jump on their resolutions so far. We already have four new puzzles that have been launch since January 1st. Here they are: "Monastery" is a real treat because the artist, Matt Lyon, is also the designer for this puzzle. This one features an irregular edge that is absolutely magical! "Squirrels" is definitely a puzzle to go nuts over! This one has a great classic puzzle pieces, a fun edge, and squirrel-tasic whimsies!   Designed by David Figueiras, "Jazz Quintet" is as unique and interesting as the jazz songs it is...

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Great interview with Crystal Grove painter Erin Hanson

Many of you have told us you've enjoyed the jewel-like tones and van-gogh like paintstrokes of California artist Erin Hanson's Crystal Grove (pictured below) Here's a fun interview with her about how she evolved as a painter. She also has her own gallery in San Diego, and we were excited to see there's a 2018 calendar with her art!

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Fastest Puzzle Times Contest: enter by Jan 31

Gather your friends and family and see how fast you can do any of these six puzzles: Stem Cell Circle of Time Dennis Brady Circles and Squares Burden of Formality Haeckel Sea Squirts Crystal Grove To enter, start timing when you open the box, and stop timing when the last piece is in. Take a photo of your group with the completed puzzle, and email it to us at with your timing and the number of people in your group, and also let us know if we have everyone in the photo's permission to post the photo if the...

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