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Ultimate puzzle table

Thanks Annie G. for passing on this incredible puzzle table photo (below).  Can't say I have anything that fancy.  I like to use an ordinary small square table in the kitchen for puzzling, but then we have a "glass top" that we can put on top of a in-the-works-puzzle to serve lunch, and then we can just take the glass top off and resume puzzling again. Of course just after you put the glass top on is when one finds that piece that's been eluding you! :).

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Emu-sing New Puzzle In Stock!

These sassy chicks are in stock now! Head over to their description page and see if you can find out what they are gossiping about. It could be anything! This one was designed by Jef Bambas and has a semi-regular edge, classic connectors, and his infamous themed whimsies.  Available now and Happy Puzzling!

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Spoiler Alert: Irregular Edge Reveal

If you like to be completely surprised by your irregular puzzle edges click the back button on your browser now! Here's another reveal for some irregular puzzle edges that we have added to our website. Visit their item pages to ohhhh and awww over them: Magic Carpet Comrades Temptation of St. Anthony Physical Impossibility Check out our Newest! puzzles to find more new puzzles with edges that are anything but just straight. 

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New "Screaming" Hard Puzzle!

Looking for a new Artifact Puzzles challenge that's going to send you Screaming out loud? We are proud to present a first look at Edvard Munch's "The Scream." Don't let the 232 piece count fool you, this puzzle is one of the hardest that we have to offer! Anxiety-filled whimsies by Maria Berg and appropriately scream-inducing non-unique mini-hex connectors by Jef Bambas is enough to drive anyone a little mad. Expect this one to be available by the end of April! Happy Puzzling!

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What New Puzzles are Coming Into Stock in April?

We know we've been a little slow getting new puzzles out, but we're happy to tell you that we do have 3-5 big new puzzles that should be in-stock in April. Here's what's about to come out: Emu Afternoon Tea - 346 pieces - pretty challenging, fun Australian whimsies. Design by Jef Bambas  Charles Courtney Curran Lillies around 300 pieces. Pieces are slightly bigger than our usual pieces.  Lots of frogs! Pretty challenging. Puzzle design by Jef Bambas. Edvard Munch The Scream - Snaky, mini-hex pieces make this one of our hardest puzzles yet (~250 pieces)! Features anxious, Norwegian-y whimsies by Maria...

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