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Shipping Our Puzzles to Places Not in the US

Up until now, we accepted international orders by email, but had to charge exorbitant shipping rates. We have realized that the best and cheapest way to get our puzzles shipped outside the US is instead to use a Parcel Forwarding Service (PFS).   A PFS gives you a "virtual" US address (which is their warehouse), so you can shop as if you are in the US.  You can buy just one thing, or a bunch of stuff from different websites.  You order your stuff from US websites to the PFS, then the PFS forwards all your stuff to you in whatever country...

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SETI fundraiser - Space Ball at Silicon Valley ComiCon

For all you Silicon Valley-ites looking to get out of your rut and meet some new cool people, the SETI Institute (the experts who worry about how we'll talk to aliens) is throwing a fun fundraiser: “Spaceball – An Out of this World Gala!”  It's part of  Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017. Some of the fancy stuff they'll have at SpaceBall: Oculus VR experience Ninkasi Brewing Company, who will be pouring their Ground Control beer - their yeast has actually been to space!   Discovery Dome Planetarium cocktail hour with  live Theremin music by Project: Pimento, “Ignite Space” mini-talks by SETI Institute...

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More Examples of Beautiful Framed Puzzles

We receive a lot of questions about framing here at Artifact Puzzles. Although we personally don't have lots of experience in this area, our wonderful customer Joan has shared her expert advice Here are her two newest  beautifully beautifully framed puzzles.  Many tips and questions about framing your puzzles can be found by searching for the term "Framing" in our search bar. This first one is Bosch Garden of Earthly Delights: The lovely matching blue in this one is great for the Owl Internet Cafe puzzle (SPOILER ALERT on its cool edge!): Thank You Joan for sharing and Happy Puzzling!

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More Circle of Time Puzzles coming in ~2 weeks

We had no idea our new physics-inspired Circle of Time puzzle would be so darn popular, and we've already run out of the first batch we cut. We're cutting a much larger batch now, and should get them back in-stock in about 2 weeks. This one does have a fun irregular edge - we'll keep the edge a secret til mid-summer, but eventually show it as part of the product image for those of you who want to know what you're getting before you buy.  

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Fashion Updates: Obama, Cat Hats

You might be so busy catching up on GQ's report on Obama's swaggering post-presidential looks, that you miss the latest in cat hat fashion:      

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