Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Some, but not all, of my puzzles arrived, should I be worried?

A: No. Puzzles often ship from different warehouses, so the puzzles from one order may arrive in multiple boxes, on different days. You may only have gotten 1 tracking number, even if the puzzles are coming in multiple shipments. With free shipping, different puzzles may arrive in 2-14 days.  If you are feeling worried, email us at, and we'll get you the tracking information for all your packages.


Q: When will you have more puzzles in-stock?

A: We're getting small batches of puzzles in-stock about once a week.  Sign up to be notified for any particular puzzles you want. They may sell out fast, so if you get an email please act fast. 


Q: How fast and how much is shipping?

A: Free shipping on orders $35 or more! Free shipping usually arrives in 5-8 days, but occasionally can take 2 weeks or longer.  

"2-4 day" (Expedited) shipping $9.05 (fixed cost for for all puzzles in your order)

"1-2 day" (Priority) shipping $17 (fixed cost for for all puzzles in your order)

Note actual number of days to ship may be more than 1 or 2 days even if you pay for it due to bad weather and other factors out of our control.  Shipping is handled by amazon (we outsource order handling to them), and they may ship via USPS or UPS.

You should get a tracking number once your order has been released for shipping, if you need one or if you package is taking suspiciously long, email us your order number to and we'll get you a tracking number.


Q: How do I contact you guys?

A: Email us at Our median response time is 2-4 hours during California daylight.  For a faster answer - check if your question is covered in this FAQ. 




Q: Do you guys sell gift cards? 

A: Yes! You can buy digital gift cards in any amount $10 and up: click here.  Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees, and have no expiration date. 


Q: The puzzle I want says it's SOLD OUT, when will it be back in stock?

A: If a puzzle says SOLD OUT, we expect it back in-stock in about 4 weeks.  A few puzzles that aren't available on our site might still be available on still though, so you might want to cross-check there.

You can sign up to get an email when the puzzle you want comes back in stock (just go to the puzzle's page and a pop-up window should take your email address).

Some puzzles marked "sold out" are actually still in the design-phase, the way to tell is look if it's on our Coming Soon page, if yes, it could be many months before we actually get it in stock.

If you really badly want a particular puzzle back in stock soon or need it by a particular date, please email us at and we'll try to meet your needs.


Q: I found a coupon code on some other site that says it will give me 20% (or 30%) off your site, but it doesn't seem to work. Am I doing it wrong?

A: No, there are no working/legitimate coupon codes to get any discount off our puzzles. Sometimes coupon sites make things up in order to entice you. We occasionally offer a sale on select puzzels, but that will be marked directly on our site, and you won't have to do anything to get sale prices (no coupon codes). 


Q: Can you guys gift-wrap for me? Can I include a gift message?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot add gift messages or gift wrap. To add gift messages or gift wrap, buy our puzzles on and look for gift options.

If you do order a gift from our website and are shipping it to the recipient, consider adding your name to the shipping address so they know who it came from, like this:

Juliet Smith (from Romeo)
13 Pizza Lane
Verona, CA 93332


All puzzles ordered from this website will come without a receipt in the box, so you get that "giftiness" without having to click any extra buttons.


Q: Do you ship to places not in the USA?

A: For many countries, you can buy our puzzles on - try searching for us there and see if your country is eligible.

Alternatively, we recommend to get our puzzles shipped outside the US by using a Parcel Forwarding Service (PFS).  

A PFS gives you a "virtual" US address (which is their warehouse), so you can shop as if you are in the US.

You order your stuff from US websites to the PFS, then the PFS forwards all your stuff to you in whatever country you are in.

Two reputable customer-friendly choices to use are:

Borderlinx  or NYBox 

But, please note that international shipping and customs is simply fraught with problems, so expect a ~10% chance of some sort of problem with any international purchase (like customs opened up your puzzle, or there's a weird delay, or it just never arrives). 


Q: We're missing a piece or a piece is broken  - can you help?

A: Yes! Email us (at a digital camera photo of the completed puzzle so we can see which piece is missing (if you have a fancy cell phone you should be able to take a photo with your cell phone and email it directly from your camera). We'll try to re-create the piece for you as best we can, and send it to you at any US address. First replacement pieces are always free, no questions asked (we reserve the right to charge for repeated replacements). Usually takes 5-14 days to get to you, and usually you can't tell it's a replacement piece unless you look really close.

If you are an international customer, we unfortunately will have to charge for our shipping costs in order to send you a replacement piece.


Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: If your order isn't already being processed, then yes, we can cancel your order. You'll have to e-mail us that you want your order canceled (include the order number for us) and we'll cancel it if we can, and give you a full refund. It may take us a while to get back to you as we have to confirm with Amazon that we've successfully canceled the order. Unfortunately, we may not always be able to cancel the order because of how quickly Amazon processes them to ship them out - once they are shipped, we can't cancel anymore.  If your order isn't cancelled, you can return un-opened puzzles (see below).


Q: Can I change the shipping address on an order I already placed?

A: Since all of our order are shipped out by Amazon, once they are placed we are unable to change the shipping address. If your order isn't already processed, the best way to handle this would be to cancel your order and then you can place your order again with the correct shipping address. For assistance please email us at and we will do our best to get this taken care of for you. 


Q: Can I return my order?

A: We are happy to accept returns of un-opened puzzles, at any point in time. Often it is easiest to just ship them back to us in California directly. (We can't pay for shipping unless we made some kind of error, but we'll refund or replace the full puzzle.) Email us for the correct address and to let us know it's coming at

If you need to return a puzzle you've already opened, contact us and we'll figure out how we can help on  a case-by-case basis.


Q: Why do your puzzles arrive in an Amazon box?

A: To keep prices low and offer you the best service, we've hired Amazon to fulfill our orders: when you buy a puzzle from our website, our software redirects your order to an Amazon warehouse, and they pull our puzzles off their shelves and ship them to you. This helps us ship you puzzles faster and at competitive shipping rates. You can also order most of our puzzles through Amazon's website. However, prices are generally a little lower on our website, and after you order from our website you get a chance to vote on what new puzzles we make.


Q: What ages do you recommend your puzzles for?

A: We recommend our puzzles for adults and teens 14 years and older. Some younger kids may be great at puzzles and will also enjoy them, but be warned that puzzle pieces are a choking hazard. And keep puzzle pieces away from dogs who enjoy chewing on them! Also, some of our puzzles have some sharp points.

Some of our puzzle images have skeletons, cartoon violence, cartoon nudity or fine art nudity that some adults may not feel are appropriate all ages - please use your own judgment regarding each image, child, and their parents. 


Q: Where are your puzzles made?

A: All our puzzles are made in Menlo Park, California (which is part of "Silicon Valley", which is about 30 minutes south of San Francisco if the traffic is light, which it never is). Before October 2013, all our puzzles were made in Seattle, Washington.


Q: What kind of wood do you use?

A: Like most wooden jigsaw puzzle makers, we use plywood. Our plywood is a formaldehyde-free maple plywood (USA, FSC-certified). (Technical notes: "formaldehyde-free plywood means there is no formaldehyde in the glue, and is a new technology that you won't find in a normal hardwood store; however, the wood itself has a small amount of naturally-occuring formaldehyde in it that no one knows how to remove.)


Q: What's a "whimsy piece"?

A: Pieces that are specially shaped are called whimsy pieces. Many of our puzzles contain "figurative whimsy pieces" that are recognizable as something; for example, the Tyukanov Moon Puzzle has pieces shaped like a Boeing 747, an astronaut, a kite, a waterplane, a hawk, etc. Some of our puzzles instead only have special decorative pieces, like Renoir Oarsmen or the Dennis Brady. We also offer extra-hard puzzles without any whimsy or special pieces, and where the connectors are the same so that you really have to pay attention to the image such as our Hokusai Dragon, Bundi Miniature, Deccan Miniature, and Ong Khan puzzles.


Q: What are Mystery Puzzles? Can I buy them with the label on the box?

A: Our Mystery Puzzles are meant to provide an extra fun challenge by not telling you what the image is. You can read all about them on our Mystery Puzzles page.


Q: Would you make a custom puzzle for me?

A: Generally we don't do custom puzzles. Only if you're interested in ordering at least 250 puzzles. Email for pricing. If you are a museum/gallery/artist interested in working with us to design a puzzle using a particular art piece or artist, feel free to pitch us your idea at