Mystery Puzzles

For Serious Puzzlers Only!  Our Mystery Puzzles harken back to the early 20th century when jigsaw puzzles didn't come with a picture on the box, so you didn't know what image you were putting together! This makes for a more challenging and mysterious experience.

No Image: For our mystery puzzles, we do not show you the image before you buy the puzzle, but we do show you a representative piece or part of the image, and the product description will give some adjectives about the puzzle, so you can decide if it's likely you'll enjoy the puzzle. For mystery puzzles we try our best to choose images that we think most people will like, and we promise the image won't have anything possibly objectionable like nudity or skulls.

Image Hidden In Box: When the puzzle arrives, the box will not have an image on it. For most mystery puzzles (but not the Advent Calendars nor Mystery Puzzle #26) we do hide the image at the bottom of the box in case you want to label the puzzle later - we recommend not peeking unless you get stuck/frustrated.

Limited Time Only: Most mystery puzzles will be available as a mystery puzzle for a limited time only, sometimes only a few days, maybe a few months. Later, we will make the same puzzle available as a normal puzzle. 

No Spoilers Please: We invite you to write customer reviews for mystery puzzles, just please don't spoil the mystery about the puzzle image. Thanks!

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