Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Jigsaw Puzzle Joke (thanks to R. Wilson for sharing)

An elderly lady calls her grandson and begs him to come over to help her with a new jigsaw puzzle that's driving her crazy. The grandson asks, "What's the picture on the box?"   The grandma answers  "The box shows a rooster."  Her grandson comes over and takes a look at the pieces his grandma has spread all over the table, then he looks at the box, then at the pieces, then at the box, and finally he turns to her, pats her on the back and says"Grandma,  these pieces aren't going to fit together to make a rooster. Why don't we...

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What do you call it when Asking About Something Changes the Outcome?

Customer J.M. emailed this morning asking when (if ever) our Bilibin Dragon puzzle would be back in stock. Yesterday, this was a "random" variable - there was some probability (say 1/4) that we would ever re-stock that puzzle, and probability 3/4 that we would never re-stock it.  But the very fact that J.M. asked about it changed the probabilities, we're now 9/10 likely to re-stock the Bilibin Dragon puzzle (the 1/10 uncertainty now is whether we can find the dang prints).  There must be a name for this effect when asking about a random variable changes the probabilities?  It seems...

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Tom Kidd's Gnemo and the Craving for Adventure

Tom Kidd is a master illustrator of fantastical alternate worlds.  Recently, he's created a story about a young artist named Gnemo who journeys into a 19th century-ish steampunkish world where airships are the adventurer's choice of transport.  Gnemo works as a naturalist, exploring the world documenting the strange plants and animals.  Our new Dunne Estates puzzle captures one corner of this world: "The most fertile farmland on this mostly barren and rocky land is the Dunne Basin.  Located conveniently in the center of the continent it has, with the use of airships to increase trade, developed into a wealthy farming community.  In...

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Finding Us In Stores

Some days you just want to walk into a store and get a new puzzle. To give to a friend. Or because your in-laws are coming over. Or just because it's been one of those days. Well, here's a list of stores that carry our puzzles. (The photo above is of the great display of Artifact Puzzles at OBX Toy Gallery  in Kill Devil Hills in Outer Banks, North Carolina. They also carry Usborne books for kids, which I think are fantastic, and a bunch of other fun stuff).

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Readers' Digest Website posts slideshow about us and artist Joe Vaux

Click HERE to check it the readers digest slideshow - the credit for the gorgeous photos in that slideshow goes to Leo Lam. Lam's one of Seattle's best fashion photographers, but  we managed to talk him into taking some photos of puzzle pieces!  

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