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New Puzzle in Stock: Vikram Madan's Caf-fiend

We just got Caf-fiend in stock, and while the puzzle is only 81 pieces, he's just the cutest little fiend, and it's a particularly fun and clever small puzzle design by artist Vikram Madan and Tara Flannery.

We've put it on-sale at a special price of $20 to encourage a little early xmas-shopping.



The other 3 new puzzles we are still hoping to get in stock by mid-Dec are 

Claire Henley Sailing Round the Mount (256 pieces)

Pierre Bonnard Sous l'Arbre (~ 200 pieces)

Savery's Noahs Ark (~150 pieces)

For January, we are working hard on the Kevin Sloan Welcome to the Wilderness (yes, finally!).



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