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Customer Reviews Now Fixed! Go ahead and express yourself!


For the month of November, for mysterious reasons known as "software", if you wrote a customer review it went straight to dev/null and was never to be seen again.

This is now fixed! Once more you can express yourself poetically, earnestly, and fervently by writing puzzle reviews on our website! 

Q: Do I have to log-in or have some sort of account to write a product review?

A: Nope, it's super easy. It asks for a name, but you can make one up!

You can also post reviews of our puzzle on It used to be that reviews posted in either place showed up in both places, but amazon stopped supporting that feature a year ago, and so now you have to either choose where to post your review, or heck, just post it both places.

Note that after you post a review it may take a day or two to get through the spam-checkers and actually show up. If it takes more than week, there's a chance things are broken again and we'd be most grateful if you alerted us at

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