Artifact Puzzles - 24 Day Advent Calendar Samuel Hayward Sleigh Stop Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

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This advent puzzle will have around 600 pieces and be packaged in 24 red, green & gold bags marked Day 1, Day 2, ... Day 24.  Open a bag a day to count down to Christmas, or hand-out the bags to friends & family to puzzle together.

Each day's bag has 20-30 pieces that form a chunk of the puzzle, and each day's chunk connects to the puzzle you are building. 

To make it a bit more challenging and fun, we won't show you the full artwork ahead of time (making this a "mystery puzzle"), we are just showing a few representative image details.  For people who don't like surprises, a box sticker with the full picture is hidden in the bottom of the box, and you can apply that yourself to the top of the box. 

The full image (not shown) is a family-friendly scene of a cozy Nordic lodge where Santas stop for a break and to re-load, like a truck stop for Santas!  Sleigh Stop is set in a beautiful forest with aurora borealis lights in the polar sky. there are many interesting Santas and elves and creatures in this highly-detailed image, with mild touches of humor suitable for all-ages. We commissioned this artwork from Samuel Hayward in 2024.

This holiday puzzle is designed to be enjoyable by everyone, though note the Christmas-y whimsy pieces do include puzzles pieces with classic Christmas shapes like the nativity scene, an angel, and a church, as well as Santa shaped pieces and other Christmas-y shapes. 

The piece shapes curvy and irregular with knob and double-knob connectors. The puzzle has a straight edge.  Puzzle design by Marcelle Jay Iremedio.

Re-pack the puzzle in the 24 bags with different chunks of the puzzle so that you can have a different puzzling experience the next time! 

For a shorter Advent calendar puzzle experience, see our Six Days of Holiday Cheer Advent Calendar Puzzle (released fall 2022), our Twelve Day Christmas Clubhouse Advent Calendar Puzzle, and all our Holiday puzzles. For a religious Christmas puzzle, please check out our Adoration of the Magi.

Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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