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Bruegel's Netherlandish Proverbs – Even More Complex Than Meets the Eye

We include a legend in our Bruegel Netherlandish Proverbs puzzle pointing out around 50 of the proverbs Bruegel hid in the picture. Wikipedia also has a great visual legend here. Experts say there's over 100 proverbs in overlapping configurations. For example, Bruegel expert Robert Baldwin notes, “In many instances, Bruegel overlaid up to four proverbs in a single figure.  Thus the man in the tavern window 1) pisses on the moon [wastes his efforts], 2) shows a toothache behind his ear (deception), 3) pisses outside the pot (goes against conventions) and 4) in his window appearance, seems to be "window...

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Puzzle Tradition - Help Remember the Good Times

Not sure all of you know, but it's a tradition with wooden jigsaw puzzles to write down who did the puzzle when on the back of the lid, or on a piece of paper kept in the box.  This turns the puzzle into a memory-node, and helps build a sense of personal history.  My mom has done this for years with an old boardgame called "Stockticker" and you can go back to the 1960's and see which friends were visiting them (and who won!), and it always makes her smile to look through it.  -Maya

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San Jose Mercury News Covers Artifact Puzzles

We were honored to be covered by Chris O'Brien in Silicon Valley's newspaper today. Click here to read the article.

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Puzzle Trivia Contest Winner!

Barbie R. won by naming the 1948 Jimmy Stewart movie Call Northside 777, which is the 3rd movie we know of that features a wooden jigsaw puzzle (see previous post for more on this topic). 

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Interview with painter Matte Stephens

We just released a superfun 380 piece puzzle of  Matte Stephens new painting Manhattan (shown above). You might have seen Matte's distinctive style before, for example, his Autumn in NY painting was hanging on the wall of Mitchell and Cameron's place in the sitcom Modern Family. You can see more of Matte's work on his website. MAYA: Tell us about this painting.MATTE: I love NYC. The first time I saw it I was on a train from Birmingham to Boston. Birmingham doesn't have any tall buildings, and looking at the city from the train, I was just amazed at how unbelievably dense New York was.MAYA: Which bridges are...

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