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Art and the Middle East - Report from Artist Bryn Barnard

Artist Bryn Barnard (who painted the image on our Dragon Mountain puzzle) left his tiny island home at the northern edge of Washington state a couple of years ago to teach art in Kuwait. He sends us back this report on the recent Art International art fair held in Istanbul, and some first-person observations on the middle east. The painting looked Romantic at first glance, with allusions to Caspar David Frederich or possibly Holman Hunt. It was meticulously rendered, in oil,thickly varnished, and framed in heavily carved and gilded gold. The scene was a brilliant moonlit sky painted lush violets...

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Whiplash is Great Film

Very impressed by the new movie Whiplash, about a likable young jazz drummer who wants to be great, and his hard-driving teacher. Tight and evenly paced, great story-telling, great acting and script.  If you like jazz or drumming, you'll be pleased with the excellent jazz and drumming scenes.  Satisfying, inspiring ending.  In contrast, I found the highly-rated Nightcrawler movie a little punishing - felt like those famous 1970's movies like where you don't like the main character much but the movie drags you through 2 hours of their interesting slightly-off life. I felt a little dirty and uncomfortable with modernity...

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Book Lovers Gift Guide Features San Francisco Literary Map Puzzle

Delighted to see this Book Lovers' Gift Guide featuring our San Francisco Literary Map puzzle! It's pretty easy as puzzles go thanks to to the different colors and texts but a lot of fun to put together and read all the random quotes about San Francisco by different authors.   Artifact Puzzles - Big San Francisco Literary Map Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

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Customer Joan R. shares her suggestions for framing wooden puzzles...

Thank you for your excellent suggestions, Joan! Framing wooden puzzles can be tricky, but ultimately, it isn't much different than framing any other kind of work of art. The real trick is to keep the puzzle together while it is being framed. Joan accomplished this by using a sticky backed product just for this kind of thing.   Puzzle Presto Puzzle saver sheets: Approx $10 for 6 sheets, for puzzles up to 29 inches x 21.5 inches.   Once the puzzle has been stabilized, it can be attached to a backing, and put in a frame either with or without matting....

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Hopper's NightHawks: Inspiring a 1000 Parodies

Artifact Puzzles Hopper Nighthawks Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle This is a 374 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle of Edward Hopper's famous 1942 painting Night Hawks. The puzzle design by Maria Berg has lots of film-noir themed whimsy pieces (including a smoking detective and a gun), bannister-top knob connectors, and rec ...   We were pleased this year to produce a gorgeous puzzle with Artist Edward Hopper's painting "Night Hawks".The painting is extremely well known. Most people recognize it due to how widely it has been parodied. For example, if you though there should have been an Elvis or Marilyn in the painting instead,...

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