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Shipping Our Puzzles to Places Not in the US

Up until now, we accepted international orders by email, but had to charge exorbitant shipping rates.

We have realized that the best and cheapest way to get our puzzles shipped outside the US is instead to use a Parcel Forwarding Service (PFS).  

A PFS gives you a "virtual" US address (which is their warehouse), so you can shop as if you are in the US.  You can buy just one thing, or a bunch of stuff from different websites. 

You order your stuff from US websites to the PFS, then the PFS forwards all your stuff to you in whatever country you are in.

Two reputable customer-friendly choices to use are:

Borderlinx  or NYBox 

But, please note that international shipping and customs is simply fraught with problems, so expect a ~10% chance of some sort of problem with any international purchase (like customs opened up your puzzle, or there's a weird delay, or it just never arrives). 

And because we think this is such a better solution for you (and us), we will no longer be accepting international orders by email. 


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