Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Our Latest Contest and Google's Search By Image

Congrats to A. Johnson and J. A. Bailey for winning our Facebook contest! Didn't hear about the contest? Well, you have to "like us" on facebook at - rumor is we'll be running a new contest in the next couple weeks. The contest was to name the artist who painted the image below- it's 2 of the 3 kings (magi) from one of Hieronymous Bosch's paintings of the Adoration of the Magi. In less than an hour, 3 customers got the right answer!   How did they do it? Well, the 2 winners used Google Image search.    Most people know that...

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Circles and Squares: The Art of the Puzzle Piece

Our Dennis Brady Circles and Squares puzzle is probably my new favorite puzzle - I've done it five times in the last week, three of those times with friends (this is a great puzzle for putting out - people can't help but engage).  There are only 65 pieces, and each of them is a little piece of art (see example pieces below). The pieces were designed by our puzzle artist Tara Flannery, in a style inspired by the work of master handcutter John Stokes III. The puzzle is pretty easy - maybe 20-40 minutes for the average adult puzzler, but it's...

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Evolution of the Jigsaw Puzzle

A fun read about the history of jigsaw puzzles is Anne Williams book Jigsaw Puzzles: Piecing Together a History.  To get a visual sense of how jigsaw puzzles have evolved, check out David Spearer's massive collection of photos of puzzles by different companies:  Jigasaurus and Bob Armstrong's examples of different cutting styles in wood puzzles: Bob Armstrong's Page Photo of a wooden jigsaw puzzle from 1860.  Photo borrowed from Bob Armstrong's website  

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The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art

Don Thompson's book The $12 Million Stuffed Shark: The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art is an enjoyable extended case study in human irrationality and behavioral economics, focused on contemporary art. The term contemporary art is not used here to mean art-by-living-artists. Rather, Thompson looks at pricing for the art you find in contemporary art museums, which is often characterized by challenging everyday notions of what is art. A prototypical contemporary artist is Andy Warhol, with his prints of Marilyn Monroe photographs and Campbell soup cans. Or today's Damien Hirst, the Brit who sold a dead shark suspended in a tank for $12 million....

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Customer J. K. made our day when she told us that our puzzles are always "PTOA." "PTOA"? we asked? "Put together on arrival!"

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