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New Puzzle! Justin Hillgrove's Creature Ladder

Super-fun new puzzle out with a totem of monsters by Justin Hillgrove, with intricate cute-monster pieces designed by puzzle artist Maria Berg. Here's what Hillgrove has to say about this work:  The Creature Ladder is an acrylic painting on canvas that I did because I thought it would be fun to pile up some monsters really high. Some of the monsters don't like to be stacked, and others think it is a grand time. There are actually two other paintings in this series, extending the ladder quite a way up, and I often wonder who or what sits at the very top of the...

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Photo shoot!

Last night we did a marathon photoshoot with photographer Aaron D'Souza.  Bunch of puzzles now have bright shiny new photos of their pieces, my personal favorite is this new shot of the pieces for our Renoir's Oarsmen at Chatou puzzle:

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Monet's Summer (L'ete) Puzzle

In celebration of Bastille Day, I thought I'd tell you about one of our newer French puzzles,  Monet's Summer (L'ete) puzzle. We did it after dinner the other night with a couple of friends and a chocolatey  pinotage, and we found it to be one of the most difficult puzzles we offer, despite having a bunch of exquisite whimsy pieces (a handful pictured below).   The impressionist blue/green summer-color palette makes it challenging, but what really stumped us for a while was the slightly-irregular edge - we'd show you a picture of it, but what would be the fun in...

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Venice in the 16th century

Our newest puzzle is a 16th century map of Venice.  I managed to get to Venice once - it was the "low-season" there, which is about 10 days a year in November when the canal bridges ice up.  It was wonderfully quiet and mystically romantic. Why aren't all cities like that? According to the Osher Map Library, this is the first map with the word Ghetto marked on it. The Venetian Ghetto was the Jewish neighborhood. The word has come to refer to any segregated neighborhood. Our puzzle will give you that Venetian sense of being just a little lost - almost all the...

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New! Small Puzzles now in Small Boxes

By popular request, our small puzzles will come in small cardboard boxes with bigger pictures of the puzzle image. (Mind you, it's way more fun to do the puzzle without looking at the image!) The small boxes have a magnetic closure, so they're easy to open, but stay fairly well closed. Some small puzzles have already been transitioned to boxes, including Hokusai Dragon, Degas Ballerinas, Monet Bridge... the other small puzzles are on our Bags-to-Boxes Sale to clear out the current inventory. Our bigger puzzles ($60 and up) will continue to come in wood boxes. 

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