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Sneak Peak: Circle of Time!

Typically, we think of time as linear; we move from the past to the present and then onward to the future in a straight line. But upon further examination we find that this may not always be the case. There are a series of cycles and patterns that we all experience throughout our lives and from generation to generation. It is even a common theme in literature and is described as "the circle of life" by Mufasa from the beloved children's movie The Lion King.  
We are proud to present a sneak peak of one the next puzzles to hit our collection that also plays with the theme of circles and patterns of time - appropriately titled The Circle of Time. Originally painted by Tomasz Pietrzyk, this is our first puzzle designed by British artist Matt Lyon. We are please to welcome into our puzzle designing family with this lovely work. This puzzle features an irregular circular-edge and some drop-outs, knob connectors, and themed whimsies. The print is bright and colorful and absolutely chock-full of fun. Have a look and prepare to have some thought invoking discussions after this one is put together!

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