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Sneak Peek at Imminent New Kevin Sloan Puzzle (Welcome to the Wilderness)

I know, we've been promising to come out with Kevin Sloan's Welcome to the Wilderness for over a year.

But we're now very serious about this one - and to prove it to you here's a sneak piece at our alpha-test cut:

Why did it take so long? We really wanted it to be awesome, and it took us a while to come up with some cool ideas for this one. In the end we went with a South American wilderness theme.  

Tara Flannery is doing the puzzle design, and it's pretty packed-in with whimsies and a few small surprises. The distinct color-zones (e.g. the different suitcases) risked making this too easy, but we were pleased that it's coming out stimulating, but not hard.

We're still polishing the sky region to keep it fun, so the puzzle end with a sense of satisfaction and not a drudge of too many indistinguishable sky pieces.

We expect the final puzzle to have just about 400 pieces, and we're planning to have the first batch in stock early February.

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