Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Introducing Artist Alfredo Arreguin, "Cat Nap"

  Alfredo Arreguin has an wonderful, detailed style that focuses on color, pattern and natural themes found in Mexican tiles, jewlery and toys. He is 79 years young, with art all over the country. While he was born in Morelia Mexico, he has lived in Seattle WA for 45 years. We chose one of his pieces, called "Cat Nap" for an extra hard puzzle cut. The cut has a themed cut pattern, which is reflected on either side. The two cuts create a new, symmetrical image when placed next to each other, and the repeating patterns and colors in the...

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New! "Contemporary Folk Art" now Coming Soon!

Our art selection is a bit haphazard, and certainly biased towards my personal preference for Dutch art like Van Gogh and Mondrian and Bosch, 16th century art like Bosch and Brugels,  imaginative art like Merriam, Vaux and Tyukanov and Sloan, and intricately-painted Indian miniatures.   As many of you know, after you buy a puzzle on our website you get to take a survey voting on new puzzles. We take those survey results very seriously - your collective lack of enthusiasm has kept us away from brand names like Picasso and Cezanne, and gave us the confidence to invest in lesser-knowns...

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Couple Short Fun Videos

I tend to avoid random videos, but these two I felt were worth sharing: This Oscar-nominated short film (less than 2 minutes) is a fun post-modern romp: This is an entrancing Australian guy humbly doing the most amazing card trick ever on the Ellen Degeneres show:

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Update On When Coming Soon Puzzles Are Actually Coming Out

I admit Coming Soon page is uncommittedly vague about what we'll manage to get in stock when.  These are estimates, and reality may get in the way: Within Next 4 Weeks We Should Have In Stock: Pappagalli Parrots First Tiff MacKay City Edward Hopper's NightHawks APAK Islands in Space Mechanical Griffin Joe Vaux Garden of Earthly Delights Alice and the Caterpillar (old favorite with crazy edge that we're finally getting back in stock)   Within Next 8 Weeks I Think We Will Have In Stock: Seurat Grande Jatte Bruegel Music Room   Next Up After That We Hope To Bring...

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Ancient Indian Temple Puzzle

Prashobh Nair posted this intriguing photo of  "A stone pillar at Vazhappally Maha Siva Temple, Kerela which is attributed to the legendary craftsman Perumthachan. Its four sides are identical, and now unknown how the two parts were joined." Looks impossible to make, doesn't it? Turns out this is a well-known trick - check out the solution on Quora here when you're ready for the answer.

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