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New Karla Gerard Evening Stars In Stock: 643 or 644 pieces!

The good news is the new Karla Gerard Evening Stars puzzle is now in-stock, and it's an incredible 643 pieces!  

But, the box sticker says 644, because of an off-by-one error (uh, C++ joke here).  

So this first batch we are pricing at a discount - it was on super-sale at $120 for the first few lucky buyers while we confirmed the piece count. It's now on sale for $138 for the rest of this first batch that has the mis-match (643 pieces in the box, but the sticker says 644 pieces). We will sell about 50 at this low price.

As soon as we sell out these, we've fixed the design to have exactly 644 pieces, and from now on this puzzle will have 644 pieces and sell for $148.

Some other puzzling notes:

- We thought it was pretty hard, despite the regular edge with a black trim (didn't want to cut off any image detail).

- The pieces are a touch smaller than our average pieces, we didn't notice this during puzzling, but wanted to warn you just in case you hate slightly-small pieces.

- There are a good number of whimsy pieces including some cool ones echo-ing Karla's art-work, but not super many, this image is just so detailed we found it didn't work to put in too many whimsies, and we went with simple knob connectors to "stay out of the way" of the very detailed image. 

- This is a great group puzzle: it looks great spread out on the table, there are a lot of different color groups/textures for different people to focus on, and a few fun little surprises.



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