Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Puzzle Give-away contest - Third Prize Offered!

We know of at least one more movie with a wooden jigsaw puzzle in it, and we're offering a third prize of your choice of small puzzle (200 pieces or less) for the first person who can name a 1940's movie with a wooden jigsaw puzzle in it (email us at to win!) And congrats to Nancy O. who was the second to name a movie with a wooden jigsaw puzzle in it, The Cincinatti Kid!

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Puzzle Give-away Contest UPDATE - Second Prize Offered!

Congrats to Cheryl P. who was the first to name a movie with a wooden jigsaw puzzle in it. In fact, she named two movies: Citizen Kane, and Laurel and Hardy's Me and My Pal which is the story of a groom and his entourage that get sucked-into a jigsaw puzzle when they're supposed to be getting to the wedding. But there's still at least ONE MORE 20th century movie out there with a prominent wooden jigsaw puzzle in it. Be the first to email us at with its name, and we'll give out a 2nd prize - your choice...

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Puzzle Give-away Contest!

We'll send a free puzzle to whoever first answers this jigsaw puzzle trivia question: Name a 20th century movie with a wooden jigsaw puzzle in it. You can email us your answer at  Winner gets their choice of our puzzles that retail for $45 or less. And yes - there is at least one right answer!

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Irregular Borders

We've been making more puzzles with irregular borders - it's a lot more challenging and fun when you can't start just putting the edge together. Below is the irregular mushroom-y border on our Alice and the Caterpillar puzzle.  Other puzzles with irregular edges: Van Gogh Seascape, Merriam Tailspin, Rosso Angelo, Captive Unicorn, and the Four Color Map puzzle.  A couple other new puzzles have regular edges with some "surprises" - we'll let you see for yourself - Rousseau's Dream and the Juan Gris Open Window. 

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The 7% Difference

We've noticed that some of you buy our puzzles on Amazon. Which is great! But it's even better if you buy our puzzles from this website. The options to you and service is exactly the same - our website and are two UI's (user-interfaces) to the same back-end (that is, the orders are handled exactly the same). The only difference is one you don't see upfront - a 7% difference in cost (that we pay as a commission to Amazon).   That 7% difference is money we then can't invest into making cool new puzzles, keeping prices low, and improving...

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