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The Challenging Crystal Grove "Plan B"

Crystal Grove has been out for just under two months now and we are hearing great things about it from you all! You guys have been letting us know how much you love the shapes and the colors and how it's a new favorite. Our number one comment though is how hard it is! We just want to reiterate how true that is. This one is for the serious puzzlers! 

We received an email from one of our dear customers, Michael, that reinforced how challenging this one is; keep in mind that Michael is a seasoned puzzling pro. He sent us a photo and told us how much we enjoyed this puzzle but when we does do it again he will have a "Plan B" just in case. Here is the photo he sent:

You can see that he numbered the backside "just in case." Smart thinking, Michael! 

You have been warned. 

Happy Puzzling!

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