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Hanging Branch and an Ambitious Little Laser

We put our lasers through a lot of heck. While a lot of people just use our laser model to engrave keepsakes we push our to the limit, crank up the settings, and have them cut through pieces of wood. With all of this hard work, each laser usually gives us a few years of quality puzzles. Last summer we sold one of our old lasers that was having a hard time cutting through wood but would still be up for some fine engraving. Here is that success story...

I posted that laser on Craigslist trying to get a little bit of cash to go towards the new laser we purchased. I got a few replies with people prying for information but nothing too promising. Soon after, I got an email from a very enthusiastic college student from where Artifact Puzzles got its start, Seattle. I gave him the details and he, very ambitiously, bought a plane ticket and flew down the very next day! We gave him and his colleague a quick rundown of the laser and then proceeded to help him stuff it in the back of their economy sized rental car. They drove off to head back to Seattle and the laser was never to be heard from again... until recently. 

He emailed us to ask some questions about hiring employees for his growing business. We were so delighted to hear about his success and see the business our old laser attributed to. The company is called Hanging Branch and they provide wonderful mementos for photographers to present their digital photos to their clients, like gorgeous engraved USB sticks (their website).

We wish them continued success and will continue to watch this new company grow.

Oh yes, I did mention they are hiring right? If you are in the Seattle area and are looking for a job in artisinal micro-manufacturing and design, they will love to hear from you. You can email them at or use the form provided

Happy Puzzling!

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