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Flower Children:

We've got our adorable Flower Children puzzle back in-stock to help welcome spring. This is the cute side of "vintage". We have two versions of this puzzle, one with 110 huge pieces for doing with children, and a more adult 510 piece version. It's a nice puzzle to do with kids because they can match pieces by color, and each flower has a poem to read together. Both the kid and adult version have adorable spring-themed whimsy pieces, and even a few tulip-shaped connectors. This puzzle shows 26 of Elizabeth Gordon's flower children illustrations from her 1910 book, along with...

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Maria Berg on the Puzzle Design for the Haeckel Sea Squirts Puzzle :

"I find puzzle design exciting for many reasons, but what I enjoy most is what I learn from the images. For example, when I first started the design for the Sea Squirts puzzle , I hadn’t even heard of sea squirts before. The way that the colonies of tubular creatures create such lovely designs on the coral reef made me think of fractals that occur in nature. After researching fractal art for a while, I used one of the sea squirt colonies from Haeckel’s painting as a base and emulated a fractal image. Then I started researching the sea squirts’...

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Results from our Fall Puzzle Survey:

Thanks to everyone who responded to our fall survey on potential puzzles.  We've created a new survey and are looking forward to receiving your opinions. (For those of you who have not done a survey yet, after you buy a puzzle from this website the survey shows up automatically, and you get a chance to tell us which images you like.) The results from the fall 2010 survey showed a lot of excitement for Raoul Dufy's Paris.Unfortunately, our initial two offers to license it from the Dufy estate have been turned down, but we'll keep trying. We also got a lot...

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Dec 28, 2010

Happy Holidays! Santa brought us a brand-new laser! This one is more powerful than our current laser, and we're cutting up a storm trying to re-stock our bestselling puzzles. We were fortunate to be featured in the New York Times and the Slate Procrastinator blog this month, but the publicity did lead to us running out of stock of many puzzles. Puzzles will be coming back into stock continuously over the next month. If the puzzle you want isn't there, just check again a week later. 2010 Articles That Note Us: Click here to read the Slate Procastinator blog post...

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