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These Puzzles Will Be In-Stock in January

There will be a lot of exciting new Artifact Puzzles available next year, and we'll be starting strong in January!

We plan to release at least five new puzzles that month, including three Ecru Mystery Puzzles by talented designers Amy TangJef Bambas, and Ashley Boyd:

Number 10 will be a brightly-colored family friendly piece.

Number 11 will be a tricky puzzle we're very excited about - we wrote a sneak preview here.

Number 12 will be a brightly-colored cheerful French cubist painting.

We're happy with the variety we can show with these three very different puzzles.

The other two puzzles out in January have a bit in common - both feature Eric Joyner art that includes his trademark robots and donuts and will be fairly large Artifact Puzzles.

Great Robot Migration will have a design by Matt Lyon. There are donuts in the art, though they are vastly outnumbered by the robots. It will be about 11" by 21".

Tiki Misadventure is another puzzle with a design by Jef Bambas and looks like it will be slightly larger still. Look forward to more cool robot whimsies along with themed Mesoamerican whimsies.

So while there are still a lot of puzzles coming soon that will be out this year, there is still plenty to look forward to just a bit further in the future!

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