Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Ecru Puzzles - Mystery Puzzle #11

Ecru Puzzles - Mystery Puzzle #11

$ 52.00

For serious jigsaw puzzlers only: this 145 piece "mystery" wooden jigsaw puzzle does not come with a picture on the box (though the image is hidden inside the box in case you need to sneak a peek, or want to label the puzzle box afterwards.) The image is a beautiful Japanese print, but that's all we will tell you about it. The puzzle design is by Jef Bambas and is a bit tricky, you might find this puzzle really hard. The Mim time for this puzzle is 2 hours, or 50 seconds per piece.

Our Ecru Puzzles line is characterized by a closer cut and a matte finish to reduce glare. Like all our puzzles, made of 1/4" thick laser-cut wood and made in the USA. Packaged in a blue box with a magnetic clasp.

6.5" x 9.75" completed

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Name: Helen
Review: Mystery #11 Haiku Fish swim quiet school. Subtle blues in countless ways. Dorsal amazement!
Name: Lynn S.
Review: This is my first mystery puzzle from artifact and it did not disappoint! From the shape of the pieces matching the theme of the image to the well-placed cuts making the most of the limited color palette image, To there being another image of sorts burned on the reverse side so it’s almost a two-sided puzzle - this was definitely a winning purchase for us.
Name: sszelc
Review: NO SPOILERS In This Review: This is my very first Mystery Puzzle. From the description, all I knew was that it was an Oriental Print. I liked the coloring of the sample piece that was posted on the website. I figured, the scene and the serene blueish coloring had to be relaxing, so it would be a fantastic chill-yourself-out puzzle to build during these COVID-19 pandemic times. I loved how the artwork for the mystery puzzle was hidden in the bottom of the box, underneath the tissue paper along with at little note about where it was located. Its great, because the artwork can be adhered to the blue box when the puzzle is completed, if one wishes. Many pieces were "fish-shaped". They reminded me of those little goldfish crackers: only blue and purplish...the cool colors on the palette. One had to be very careful to interlock the correct pieces together or some disassembly must occur. Now, I never like to spoil a surprise...especially a hidden secret surprise. I am a reviewer who does not like to "spill the beans" or in this case "let the fish out of the pond." I prefer to sprinkle a cryptic clue so other puzzlers know there is more to the puzzle than meets the eye. CRYPTIC CLUE: Look in every direction possible for a "Big Catch". High or low, left or right, up or down, inside or outside, front or back, top or bottom...a secret will unfold! Grab a little bag of goldfish crackers, a glass of wine or an iced tea, to enjoy while you assemble this "hook, line and sinker of a puzzle!"
Name: DD
Review: As DR mentions below, there is a second mystery to this puzzle. As I did the puzzle the first time, I noticed that lots of the pieces seemed to be burned on the backside like they had accidentally sat on an electric stove too long. I forgot about it as I did the puzzle, but as I put the puzzle back into the box, I noticed the “burn” again. I was hungry for another mystery puzzle, and figured I’d see if there was enough of this “accident” to assemble as a puzzle. It was much harder then the “real” side, but made a bit easier by having some experience already with the puzzle shapes. I was 3/4 done when I realized it was not accidental burn, but rather was a second mystery and in theme with the first. Delightful!
Name: Kelly
Review: I loved this little puzzle! It was so fun to do, and it's gorgeous once finished! Challenging enough, but still done within a couple of hours.