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Sneak Peek at Mystery Puzzle #11 - Coming in January

We'll be releasing a new series of Mystery Puzzles (where we don't tell you what the image is) in January. Here's a sneak peek at one piece from Mystery Puzzle #11.  The image is a Japanese print that we think you'll love, and it will be around 140 pieces and a bit of a challenge. We'll get this one up on the Coming Soon page so you can ask to be notified soon. 

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  • Maya on

    You’re right, we hadn’t announced Mystery Puzzle #10 yet, it will also be out in January and will be a “brightly-colored family friendly piece,” but we don’t have an example piece for it yet to show you. We also expect to have in-stock in January Mystery Puzzle #12, which will be a “brightly-colored cheerful French cubist painting.”

  • Barbara Warman on

    Did I miss something? Sneak peek for mystery puzzle #11. What happened to #10?

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