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Should We Keep Making Mystery Puzzles?

Hi Puzzlers! For 22 of our Ecru puzzles, we first sold them as mystery puzzles, where we didn't even show you the picture and there was no picture on the...

Hi Puzzlers! For 22 of our Ecru puzzles, we first sold them as mystery puzzles, where we didn't even show you the picture and there was no picture on the box, but we did give a couple adjectives and piece count. 

For example, our newest one is Mystery Puzzle #17 (they don't come out quite in order) that we tell you is a charming ode to fairytales, and we've revealed this example piece:

About 4 months ago, we also changed our wood box puzzles (roughly those with more than 250 pieces), to not have the image on-the-box, and instead we are hiding the box-sticker inside the box. 

So now we are wondering, does that satisfy people who liked the Mystery Puzzles? Should we keep making the Mystery Puzzles? 

We'd love your feedback on this topic in general - you can post your comments below (they go to a human moderator, but should show up here in a day or so). 

20 comments on Should We Keep Making Mystery Puzzles?
  • LEO
    LEOJune 26, 2021

    Yes please, keep the mystery puzzles. I actually wish you never revealed what they are, or as others have suggested, later offer a link to the image for those who must view the image to select an appropriate gift or pick for themselves. I also like the suggestion of being able to select whether the image is included on or in the box. However, as others have noted, that alone is not a true mystery. Thank you for the great puzzles. Offering mystery puzzles and your unique connectors sets you apart from your competitors.

  • Jenny
    Jenny June 03, 2021

    I love your puzzles – mystery or otherwise – as long as they are very challenging.
    The last two I purchase – including a recent mystery ecru ( very difficult rating) was a thrill and joy to assemble. Thank you

  • slugbiker
    slugbikerMay 30, 2021

    I’ve bought several of the mystery puzzles and like most of them – but I’m not a big fan of the Ecru-style of puzzles. The closer cut means you lose the beauty of the piece design – especially the whimsies and larger-scale whimsy shapes. I can understand that some people want the image to dominate, but I really like to see the pieces, too. Perhaps you can make some of the mystery puzzles in the regular cut/finish? thanks.

  • Sheila B
    Sheila BMay 25, 2021

    Mystery puzzles are the best!!! Yes, please keep making them!

  • Barb
    BarbMay 20, 2021

    Great idea to let people choose show/not show…but, please, not for all puzzles. Someone needs to vet the puzzles for appropriateness as mystery puzzles before I’ll take a chance on being able to do/enjoy a puzzles as mystery puzzles. For a lot of people, some puzzles just don’t lend themselves to being done sight unseen….I can easily see ending up with puzzles I wish I hadn’t bought.

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