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Should We Keep Making Mystery Puzzles?

Hi Puzzlers! For 22 of our Ecru puzzles, we first sold them as mystery puzzles, where we didn't even show you the picture and there was no picture on the box, but we did give a couple adjectives and piece count. 

For example, our newest one is Mystery Puzzle #17 (they don't come out quite in order) that we tell you is a charming ode to fairytales, and we've revealed this example piece:

About 4 months ago, we also changed our wood box puzzles (roughly those with more than 250 pieces), to not have the image on-the-box, and instead we are hiding the box-sticker inside the box. 

So now we are wondering, does that satisfy people who liked the Mystery Puzzles? Should we keep making the Mystery Puzzles? 

We'd love your feedback on this topic in general - you can post your comments below (they go to a human moderator, but should show up here in a day or so). 

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  • susan kaput on

    I like the mystery puzzles – I would never have even considered not looking at the photographic image innumerable times while putting it together, but actually Knowing it’s a ‘mystery’ puzzle, it’s become a game I’m playing, and I stick to the rules. They’re fun to do, even if sometimes I don’t particularly like the artwork, the challenge of the game becomes its own reward. I do, however, want to see a good-sized image of the puzzle on the lid of the box of regular puzzles.

  • Liz on

    I like the mystery puzzles. I put together puzzles I might not otherwise and if I see the image and buy it, I know what it is, so there is that. Please keep the mystery puzzles.

  • Brenda Johnson on

    I would rather know what the picture is when I buy the puzzle. The puzzles are pricey, so after putting it together the first time as a mystery I want a puzzle that I know I like enough to put together again and again.

  • Kathy S. on

    It’s fine that you’re not putting image labels on the tops of the wooden boxes. BUT… that’s not really a mystery puzzle, since we have seen the image here at the website before we ordered the puzzle.

    A true mystery puzzle is one where you’ve never seen the image at all. I like that, and I think you should keep making them!

  • Barb on

    I definitely would like to see the mystery puzzles continue. Even if I opt to not use a picture as I assemble a puzzle, first seeing it on here deprives me of the element of surprise…I really enjoy the mystery aspect of these puzzles. There have been mystery puzzles I wouldn’t have purchased if I’d seen the picture beforehand…the subject didn’t appeal to me or the style of art or maybe the design/cut…but I thoroughly enjoyed working the puzzles as mysteries. Without mystery puzzles, I will most likely be purchasing fewer puzzles in the future for this reason…I will definitely miss them if they’re no longer offered.

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