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New Puzzles ETA: 0-7 days - including Sage of Yamatai, double-sided Bugs, Two Cats, and Layers of Afternoon

We'll have small batches of these puzzles eeking into stock in the next 0-7 days to buy on this website:

The first three are relatively small batches and will likely sell out very quickly. The Bugs puzzle should last at least a little bit longer.

The following will show up a little later:

Also coming in 3-7 days are:

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  • Dana on

    Purchased Layers of Afternoon and Troll Toll today! I’m hope, hope, hoping I haven’t missed Sage of Yamatai!
    Received Two Hummingbirds at Nest and 2 others today. I have trained for shelter in place my whole life!
    Thanks y’all for contributing!
    Dana, a fan

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