Artifact Puzzles - Armand Point Unicorn Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 39.00


This is a 111-piece puzzle of Armand Point's 1898 "A Lady with a Unicorn." Don't let the young unicorn and red dress distract you from the beautiful scenery and swan harp. The design by Jef Bambas utilizes complicated interlocking pieces with delightful unicorn whimsies, occasional dropouts, and an irregular border to frame the art. NOTE: The irregular edge is not shown in the image on the box! The puzzle is a bit harder than average. Like all our puzzles, made with 1/4" thick wood and the pieces are laser-cut. Packaged in a small blue box with a magnetic clasp. Made in the USA.

6.5" by 10"

Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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Name: Gail from Minnesota
Review: It took awhile to complete Lady with a Unicorn, partly because of its harder than average difficulty rating but also because of a curious kitten. Having found a way to keep the puzzle pieces safe overnight, I got the puzzle done the next evening. And while I know the pic on the box does not always exactly represent the finished puzzle, I would like to note ... in the puzzle itself, the unicorn doesn't have a fluffy tail. Which I figured out after searching for fluffy tail pieces .... Oh, well, it's a beautiful puzzle, and Winnie the Kitty thinks so, too.
Name: Jessica
Review: I absolutely love this puzzle. It was my first wooden puzzle and everyone who saw it complimented on how cute it is. I was stuck a few times but I enjoyed myself the whole time. My husband does puzzles all the time and for him this was easy. Very well made and the colors are lovely.
Name: Carol Brouillet
Review: A lovely puzzle! Not too difficult, simply because it is so small. Cute little unicorn whimsies and a very unusual edge. Quite fun, actually, a nice introduction to Artifact puzzles, although I must admit that I have a large collection of them, already, and I usually like the larger, more complex puzzles, but found this one quite lovely, compelling and fun. It took me less than an hour to assemble, and it is one that I am sure that my puzzle loving friends will also enjoy it!
Name: Timothy Wright
Review: This small and affordable is a charming highly recommended introduction to Artifact puzzles, With the exception of several unicorn whimsical pieces most, almost all pieces have a very complex interlocking fler-de-lis shape, a shape not conducive to rapid assembly. The vivid colors and well reproduce nuanced shading are delightful. And forget the edges, they are not straight or wavy but lace like; I thought I was near the edge but was still 2 piece thickness away. All these little extra tortures make a very small 111 piece puzzle a fun and engaging challenge, and this was great fun. I got annoyed when my puppy needed a bathroom break, can't he see how focused I am? I was rewarded for my 1h 40m effort with a nice, small, work of art, a nice "Lady with a Unicorn", which must not be as difficult as subjectively felt since I kept a slightly better than a piece per minute pace. That confirmed what I felt, this is a highly immersive and engaging puzzle, an extremely rewarding enterprise to undertake. And now that everyone knows that the border is lace like no one has right to kitvitch about and knock off one star for Artifact exceeding our expectations. This tiny masterpiece I predict will become an Artifact classic and crowd favorite. It is highly recommended as a gift or first time artifact purchase not because it is so easy but because it is such a bargain and so engaging. Try it, it will be fun.