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New "Mystery" Puzzles With No Image on the Box - In-stock in 2-3 weeks

We're excited to announce we'll be coming out with a series of mystery puzzleswhere the "mystery" part is we won't tell you or show you what the image is.  

We will try to give you enough of a hint that you can make a good choice about whether it will be fun for you - so we'll tell you:

    • piece count
    • couple adjectives, like for Mystery Puzzle 3, it's a "colorful richly detailed image from India"
    • puzzle designer
    • a photo of 1-3 pieces so you can make sure it's a piece style you enjoy. For example, this is the photo for Mystery Puzzle 3:

We have 4 Mystery Puzzles already listed on the Coming Eventually page (aka the Coming Soon page), those should be in-stock in 2-3 weeks, and we'll have another 3-4 Mystery Puzzles coming in the next 2 months. 

Because you can't see the image, we'll do our best to make sure the images are suitable for all ages (that is, don't have any potentially objectionable imagery). 

Each mystery puzzle will only be available as a mystery puzzle for a limited time (likely 2-6 months, depending on popularity). At some point, we'll switch each mystery puzzle over to a normal puzzle with the image shown, so if you're intrigued, get new mystery puzzles when you first see them come out!

Also, at least for this first round, our current plan is to "hide" the box label with the image inside the box, face-down at the bottom. So you could peek if you want to ruin the mystery, and if you want you can later put the label on the box to share with less-serious puzzler friends.  

Our first few mystery puzzles will be part of the new Ecru Line. This is an experiment, as we're not sure how many of you are going to what to this extra level of challenge, but if there's enough of you, then we may expand to doing some mystery Artifact Puzzles as well. 


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