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Ecru Puzzles is Coming For Real! Give us 1-2 months

It's taken a bit longer than we hoped, but we're now very close (hoping 1-2 months), away from launching our new line of puzzles, Ecru Puzzles.

See, we've got a logo and everything:

Ecru Puzzles will have the same great puzzle design team behind it as Artifact Puzzles, but we will use a different manufacturing process for a different look and feel (but still laser-cut). The main differences you'll see are:

  • Matte rather than glossy images. That makes the images not quite as bright and shiny, but is better for glare if that's a problem with your lighting.
  • Closer-cut pieces.  The pieces will be closer cut in a way that reduces your ability to see the individual puzzle pieces once the puzzle is put together. That makes the final image "pop" more, but makes it harder to see multi-piece whimsies and other cool puzzle design structure.  
  • Side labels! Yes, these puzzles will have side labels so you can see which puzzle is which when they are on the shelf.
  • Mystery Puzzles - we'll release around half the puzzles without showing you the image (hence the term "mystery puzzle"). This is for those hard-core puzzles who don't even want to know what the puzzle is of while they do it.  After a few months, we'll switch each mystery puzzle to showing the image for those people who think it's insane to buy a puzzle without seeing the image.

The bad news is, the closer-cutting does cost more money, so Ecru Puzzles will be 10-30% more expensive than Artifact Puzzles (we're still crunching the numbers on that).

To keep things clearer, we'll be selling Ecru Puzzles on a separate website (  You can sign up there to get notified once the store opens. We plan to also sell them on amazon, though prices will probably be lower on the website. EDIT: We ended up deciding to keep the new line on our Artifact site; find them here.

We will still be coming out with lots of awesome Artifact Puzzles as well in 2019, keep an eye on the Coming In 2019 page to see what we have in the works for Artifact!

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  • Candy Standard on

    Received “lost civilization “ by Aaron Wolf for Xmas . I don’t like that there is no picture to use except the 3×5 pasted on the box. There needs to be a bigger picture to use as it makes it Very frustrating to put together. Other than that I love the puzzle but for the cost of it it should have a decent picture guide.

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