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We got the message: We'll hold off longer on showing irregular edges

A surprisingly large number of you have taken the time to let us know you are not happy we revealed the irregular edge on the new Paul Bond Octopus puzzle so fast! (As requested, we have changed it back to not-showing its irregular edge).

We do generally first launch new puzzles without showing their irregular edge or drop-outs (though we'll warn you in the product description).  

But at some point we change over to showing it, because some folks want to know what they are buying, and especially for Xmas shoppers it helps people choose their gift. 

In the future we'll wait longer to reveal the edges, probably until mid-November for the Xmas-shoppers. 



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  • Becky on

    I like when you reveal the irregular and straight edges to a puzzle. It does make a difference if I buy them. I have a lot of irregular edge artifact puzzles. Right now am only looking for straight edge puzzles you carry, they are more relaxing I think. Thank you

  • Joyce Gunn on

    I LOVE being surprised by the unusual edges! And they are so often unique to the puzzle.

  • susan kaput on

    Thank you, Artifact folks, for taking that picture revealing details of the edges of the octopus puzzle. I do want to say, though, that I am rather ‘wimpy’, I guess, as I like to look at the picture of the puzzle from time to time, but if there is an irregular edge, I like to be surprised. I remember, years ago, putting together Raoul Dufy’s “Boats”. I don’t recall even being told of an irregular edge, but there were no straight edges, and eventually I figured out how the edge went, and it became a major part of the enjoyment of that puzzle, which is still one of my favorites. To my credit, (and why not?) I don’t peek when I’m doing a mystery puzzle….

  • Barbara and Larry Hauser on

    Speaking of the site’s photos of “borders”, we are enjoying our first “rental” puzzle, which is The Kiss. The border on the web site, and indeed aspects of the puzzle, do not seem to be the same as the puzzle we are working on. Are there two versions of this beauty?! So, true confessions, there are those wimpy puzzle people who do look at the pictures as they work, but we respect (highly) those who do not want to see the photo. At any rate, the rental program is great, and we are enjoying “The Kiss” very much, but we were just curious about it not matching the site’s photo.

  • slugbiker on

    please count me as one of the many that does NOT want to see the irregular edge spoiled. I wish i hadn’t looked at the site yesterday, when it was there.


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