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We got the message: We'll hold off longer on showing irregular edges

A surprisingly large number of you have taken the time to let us know you are not happy we revealed the irregular edge on the new Paul Bond Octopus puzzle so fast! (As requested, we have changed it back to not-showing its irregular edge).

We do generally first launch new puzzles without showing their irregular edge or drop-outs (though we'll warn you in the product description).  

But at some point we change over to showing it, because some folks want to know what they are buying, and especially for Xmas shoppers it helps people choose their gift. 

In the future we'll wait longer to reveal the edges, probably until mid-November for the Xmas-shoppers. 



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  • Sue Szelc on

    I hadn’t taken the time to express my disappointment with revealing the irregular edge on the Octopus and Islander Puzzle, but I am one of that deflated crowd. It really ruins a surprise. The product description is the way to go. Say it, don’t show it. I am happy that you will not reveal these tidbits pictotially in the future. Ok, I can manage the secrets being spilled for those fussy Christmas shoppers.
    Thanks for reconsidering!

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