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Take a Personality Quiz for Jigsaw Puzzlers

Want to know what your puzzling habits say about you? Here's our 25-question jigsaw puzzler personality quiz! Note: every personality type comes with pros and cons. First 5 Questions: Yes or...

Want to know what your puzzling habits say about you?

Here's our 25-question jigsaw puzzler personality quiz!

Note: every personality type comes with pros and cons.

First 5 Questions: Yes or No?

E1. Do you like putting together puzzles with other people?

E2. Do you feel a tingle of satisfaction when you get a piece into place?

E3. Do you like to leave a finished puzzle out for a while to admire it or show to others before putting it away?

E4. Do you feel a definite spark of joy when you get a new puzzle?

E5. Do you loan-out your jigsaw puzzles?

Mark 4-5 Yes? You score high on extroversion. Being extroverted means you are more sensitive to positive events, good things make you feel great!  You probably find parties energizing, enjoy the thrill of taking a bit of a risk, and have a glass-half-full optimism. But you can get yourself into trouble chasing too much fun. Biochemically, this personality trait comes from having extra-effective dopamine channels in your brain. 

Mark 1-2 Yes? You score low on extroversion. You'd probably prefer a walk in the park to bungee-jumping, and you may not feel the need to get out and socialize as much as others. Schedule yourself some me-time this winter for maximum contentment. 


Next 5 Questions: Yes or No?

C1. When you put a jigsaw puzzle away, do you make sure to take all the pieces apart for the next time?

C2. Before you start putting the pieces together, do you like to sort pieces at least some pieces by color?

C3. Do you like to have a plan-of-attack when doing a jigsaw puzzle (like doing the edge first)?

C4. Do you budget your jigsaw purchases?

C5. If you borrow a puzzle from someone, and you discover it's missing a piece do you offer to pay for it or contact the company to get the piece?

Mark 4-5 Yes? You score high on conscientiousness: you thrive with order and organization and rules! You get a longer life expectancy because you'll get that weird mole or lump checked-out for cancer, and actually eat more fiber if your doc tells you to. You probably also have a higher credit rating than average. But your lack of free-wheeling may annoy your more carefree friends. 

Mark 1-2 Yes? You score low on conscientiousness: you are comfortable with chaos, and you may pay more attention to the forest than the trees. Just be careful your relaxed attitude doesn't extend to being vigilant about your health!


Next 5 Questions: Yes or No?

N1. Uh-oh, looks like you are missing a piece! Does that super annoy you?

N2. Do you find jigsaw puzzles a good way to de-stress and re-center?

N3. Have you ever gotten really annoyed with someone while puzzling?

N4. Do you often worry while you're puzzling that you might be missing a piece?

N5. Do you hate loaning-out your puzzles because they might not come back or come back missing pieces?

Mark 4-5 Yes?  You score high on neuroticism, which can be tough: you are more sensitive to negative events - little things can really bother you, and you feel things deeply. Neurotics are important canaries in the coal mine who make the world a better place because they can't put up with how awful things are. 

Mark 1-2 Yes?  You score low on neuroticism: you just aren't easily perturbed, and you're chill to be around. Just don't be too chill - evolution gave us fear and anxiety and anger to keep us safe!


Next 5 Questions: Yes or No?

A1. If you're puzzling with someone else, do you prefer that they pick the puzzle? 

A2. If you're puzzling with someone else, do you try to keep an eye for pieces they might need and hand them over to them?

A3. If you're giving a puzzle as a gift, do you stress out about trying to pick the perfect puzzle for them?

A4. If you're in the middle of putting together a puzzle, but someone else needs the table space, do you usually let them have it?

A5. If you were puzzling with someone else, would you suggest they put the last piece in? 

Mark 4-5 Yes? You score high on agreeable-ness, you go out of your way to be a nice person, and you've got good karma. Just be careful you don't let yourself be a doormat. 

Mark 1-2 Yes?  You score low on agreeable-nessyou might think of yourself as a nice person but not be noticing opportunities to be super-nice, or maybe you know you can be tough to get along with. But keep an eye out - getting your way in the short-term can make long-term human relationships harder.  


Last 5 Questions: Yes or No?

O1. Do you like to try a lot of different styles of artwork in your puzzles?

O2. Do you like to try different puzzle piece shapes?

O3. Do you like to try different puzzle brands just to see what they are like?

O4. Do you usually only do puzzles once?

O5. Do you like to challenge yourself with hard puzzles?

Mark 4-5 Yes? You are highly open to new experiences and new ideas. Highly-open people seek complexity and novelty, but these curious cats feel unsatisfied if life gets too routine.

Mark 1-2 Yes? You are conservative about new experiences and ideas, you value familiarity and dependability. But your willingness to stick with the tried-and-true might be keeping you from the awesome.


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