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New! The Didero Games Club for Nintendo Switch

We're excited to announce the owners of Artifact Puzzles have launched a new rental club for Nintendo Switch video games, called Didero Games Club, renting over 200 of the best and latest physical Nintendo Switch games for $10/month!

The new Didero Games Club works just like our successful Hoefnagel Puzzle Club, which is a lot like the old-school Netflix DVDs by mail:

  • You make a wishlist of Nintendo games you want to rent
  • We send you a game from your wishlist
  • Whenever you're ready, you send it on, and we send you a new one

Want to see what games we got? You can browse the Didero games library without logging in.

What's different from old Netflix is that the Didero Games Club (and our Hoefnagel Puzzle Club) is a peer-to-peer library, managed by AI, which means that instead of sending items back to our home base, when you click Return, we give you a prepaid shipping label to send it to another member who wants it.

That saves a lot of operations costs, and means our games/puzzles spend more time with people, and less time being processed or sitting on a warehouse shelf. 

The downside is you do have to be able to print the prepaid shipping label pdf, so it's a little less convenient than old-school Netflix where they gave you the return envelope. 

But this lets us keep the price low: just $10/month (and an even better $100/year) to rent unlimited physical Nintendo Switch games, plus $3.95 for tracked shipping for each game.  

We charge the shipping separately so that people can go through games as fast or as slow as they want, and still get a fair deal.  But you only pay to ship-out, not to ship to you, and the shipping is tracked for everyone's peace of mind.



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  • Michelle on

    Hi. I tried to access the puzzle club web site but is says url not found. Please help. Thanks!

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