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More Puzzles Available In 1-7 days

Here's a few more puzzles that should become available within a week. 

These should be in-stock in 1-7 days:

And these should be in-stock in 2-8 days: 

Happy Puzzling!

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  • Sue on

    Artifacts Puzzles is doing everything to provide puzzles and MORE IMPORTANTLY keep their employees SAFE!!!! I for one, will not complain about missing out on a puzzle. I echo Katherine…I check the site often. I missed Two Cats…but I am sure it will return soon…and I plan to Pounce On It then!!!!

  • Katherine on

    Yes, I have had that experience, too. But now I feel it adds to the excitement of waiting for the puzzles to come out. Kind of like a treasure hunt. And if I miss one I just go back and put my email address in again. I have to admit, too, that I find myself checking the site several time a day during work breaks to see if anything new is in stock.

  • Patricia Watkins on

    Why not, like Amazon, let customers pay in full for a puzzle to reserve it rather than customers merely being notified by email that a puzzle has become available? Or why not give customers who have asked to be notified by email a heads up one or two days before you know the puzzle will be advertised on your website? Yes, it is frustrating to find a puzzle already sold out when one goes to your website immediately after reading your email saying the puzzle is now available (hah!).

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