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Jiminy Just Wanted Some Attention

Our latest dog-eats-puzzle story, from Lisa of Huntington Vermont: 
Jiminy chewed a valuable puzzle-piece to get my attention, but he is normally a goody-two-shoes who tries always to do the right thing.
Chewing a puzzle piece is definitely the worst thing he's ever done, and dropping the piece was careless on my part.
He's a Border Collie mix (with some Blue Heeler, Boxer, and generic mutt in the mix.). I adopted him a couple of years ago from Heidi's Haven Rescue in Vermont after he had been a stray on death row in Louisiana. He was heartworm-positive when he came here, but after two years of "doxy-moxy" gentle treatment, he's at last free of those nasty heartworms.
Jiminy does make mistakes--When he was first living with me, I  praised him effusively every time he peed on a walk. He seemed perfectly house-trained until one day he looked at me and proudly peed--a gusher!--on the living room rug.  Clearly, he thought I would be very pleased!  I guess that one was really my mistake.
Jiminy's greatest pleasures are fetching a ball and running and swimming on our daily off-leash walks in the woods. He's a talented agility dog who loves to run and jump. And he's also sweet and cuddly and gets along with my other dog, Jive.
This has been a PSA: dogs chew puzzle pieces! In many cases we can replace individual pieces of our puzzles, but we ask for $15 to cover costs, purchase our piece replacement here.

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  • Barb on

    Jiminy is adorable…I’m a sucker for fly-away ears. I hope you take advantage of them if you have him wearing a costume for Halloween…he’d make a great bat. Ear-wise, your sweet boy reminds me of one of my last two dogs (mother/son "unique blends)…the mother’s ears were just wonderful). Anyhow, please accept the compliment and thank you for sparking a fond memory. He looks like he’s a great dog.

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