Puzzle Piece Replacement

$ 15.00


Has a piece gone missing after you first did the puzzle, or got chewed-up by your dog, and you'd like a replacement piece?

Purchase this product to cover the costs of making the replacement piece and shipping it to you! 

Then email us at artifactpuzzles@gmail.com with:

  • a photo or description of the piece(s) you need replaced
  • the puzzle it's from
  • the address you want the replacement piece sent to

Note 1: If a piece is missing or broken the first time you do a puzzle and you are in the USA, do NOT buy this, we will replace it for free, just email us a photo or description at artifactpuzzles@gmail.com. 

Note 2: This product covers replacing up to 3 pieces for 1 puzzle. If you need replacement pieces from multiple puzzles or more than 3 pieces, please purchase this once for each set.

Note 3: We cannot replace pieces for a few puzzles (mostly ones we stopped selling years ago). If we cannot replace the piece, we will let you know, and refund this purchase.

Note 4: Replacement pieces usually take 5-14 days to get to you, shipped from Washington state. 

Note 5: If your piece was chewed by a pet, we'd appreciate a photo and description of the pet and permission to share it on our social media as a warning to others. Email that to us at artifactpuzzles@gmail.com.

Note 6: Select states have to pay sales tax on this. 

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Name: Anna Burciaga
Review: Thank you for this service. Sometimes pieces just get misplaced but a puzzle missing a piece is no good.