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How We Wrap Our Puzzles

For many years, we have wrapped our wood box puzzles in black kraft paper before shipping them out.  

We do this to keep them protected from dust and during transit.

Recently we got some feedback in a survey asking if we really need it:

I appreciate that the boxes were carefully wrapped, but I feel most people would have no use of this black paper. It is such a waste to throw them away or recycle them because they are in very good quality. So can you stop using them?

It's a great question, do we need that extra layer of protection? We worry the puzzles might not arrive in as-good-shape if we don't, especially in places where boxes might get rained on.  But maybe we are being over-protective.

Also, we are considering switching to a plain brown kraft paper (a lot like the material paper grocery bags were made of.

What do you guys think? 


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  • Michael Brandt on

    The paper does convey an aura of care and quality, but I think the practical value is negligible. Its presence or absence would make no difference regarding physical damage, punctures or crushing; and if the shipping carton gets so drenched that water gets inside I don’t think a single layer of non waterproof paper will protect the wooden box.

  • Susan Kaput on

    I like the black paper – it makes a really cool gift wrap, and if I’m keeping the puzzle for myself, I save the paper for gift wrap. I often add some sort of flowers, leaves, or vegetation, shells, or pebbles as decoration.

  • Barb on

    I appreciate that layer of protection. As it is, I’ve had some wooden boxes arrive cracked…one good hit in transit and the more fragile area of the slot can fracture. When those boxes arrived, I’ve actually wished that some puffy insulation could have been used.

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