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How We Wrap Our Puzzles

For many years, we have wrapped our wood box puzzles in black kraft paper before shipping them out.  

We do this to keep them protected from dust and during transit.

Recently we got some feedback in a survey asking if we really need it:

I appreciate that the boxes were carefully wrapped, but I feel most people would have no use of this black paper. It is such a waste to throw them away or recycle them because they are in very good quality. So can you stop using them?

It's a great question, do we need that extra layer of protection? We worry the puzzles might not arrive in as-good-shape if we don't, especially in places where boxes might get rained on.  But maybe we are being over-protective.

Also, we are considering switching to a plain brown kraft paper (a lot like the material paper grocery bags were made of.

What do you guys think? 


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  • Bing on

    To me personally, the biggest problem for wrapping comes from plastic materials. I know that plastic is a necessary evil these days, but it has much bigger environmental impact than paper, regardless of fancy or not. I too also like the current black wrapping paper. It gives the puzzle and box a solid protection. Not sure if a softer paper will serve the same purposes without further A/B testing I suppose.
    But what I would suggest is adding the option for gift wrap at checkout? If it’s not too big of an operational cost.

  • JoAnne on

    I would like a different type of wrapping around the puzzle box. The black paper is a nice touch, but the edges of it are like the blade of a knife. I have to be so careful to avoid getting a paper cut when removing the black paper. Would shrink wrapping the boxes in plastic be acceptable to most people, or would it be considered environmentally unsound?

  • sszelc on

    I actually like the black paper. When I unwrap my new puzzle, I do it carefully and actually re-use the quality black paper. I also think it presents a high quality appeal…for puzzles that I send out as gifts. My vote….keep it!

  • Susan Hood on

    I think you should continue to wrap them given the construction of the wooden boxes, and it is a nice finishing touch that speaks to quality and care. The brown kraft paper wouldn’t seem to impart the same intangible “something.”

  • Martha on

    Honestly, I’ve always loved the black paper; it’s swanky and feels like a gift, though I’ve never considered its ecological impact. I do save some and use it for other things. The main deal of course is what we discover inside :-)

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