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How We Wrap Our Puzzles

For many years, we have wrapped our wood box puzzles in black kraft paper before shipping them out.  

We do this to keep them protected from dust and during transit.

Recently we got some feedback in a survey asking if we really need it:

I appreciate that the boxes were carefully wrapped, but I feel most people would have no use of this black paper. It is such a waste to throw them away or recycle them because they are in very good quality. So can you stop using them?

It's a great question, do we need that extra layer of protection? We worry the puzzles might not arrive in as-good-shape if we don't, especially in places where boxes might get rained on.  But maybe we are being over-protective.

Also, we are considering switching to a plain brown kraft paper (a lot like the material paper grocery bags were made of.

What do you guys think? 


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  • slugbiker on

    The black paper does look nice, and does provide some protection, but any paper that is more environmentally friendly and is as effective is fine by me. reducing the use of plastics seems to be most important right now – if you can make all packing materials recyclable that would be ideal. thanks!

  • Cheryl Bachman on

    I love the black paper wrapping which protects the box well. I would vote for continuing to use it. I manage to find ways to re-use it as I mail packages frequently and even use them to line the bottom of cabinets or protect the wood floors when I am repotting plants or working on a messy project.

  • Tammie on

    I like the black paper as well. To me, this makes your company stand out, and that little extra touch of aesthetics and protection is much appreciated. Thank you!

  • Helen on

    Part of recycling is closing the cycle and using items made from recycled goods. Black paper should be available that comes from recycled fiber. I actually like the black color, but to really be eco-green, I’d recommend looking for a paper made from recycled fiber. Help close the circle!

  • Jill in Tulsa on

    The black paper is nice I guess, but I can’t give it as a gift wrapped like that, and I like to get your puzzles for gifts for people who do nice things, so I would rather you wrapped it in a cheerier color, or even if it was just brown I could put a ribbon on it and not feel like I have to re-wrap it, but black is too black!

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