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Carpe Noctem Books: Read more, Read better, Be better.

What are you reading this pandemic?  

Books are a great companion during these hard times, they can make us laugh, help us learn new things, and expand our understanding of the world and humanity.

But, we know books are a little harder to get ahold of than usual these days from public libraries, and all this reading can break the bank if you are buying brand new books.

To help more people read more and read better, we created a new, nation-wide, private library that ships books to you - Carpe Noctem Books.

We just opened for sign-ups a couple weeks ago, with almost 1,000 brand new books,  most of which have 4.0 or higher Goodreads scores, or other honors.

You can get the new JK Rowling book Ickaborg:

Or enjoy the cheer of the new cartoons A Wealth of Pigeons by Steve Martin:


Or learn new things, from the Hell of Good Intentions on American foreign policy:


to the  Compendium Pandemica: A Guide to Horrible Infectious Diseases:

In addition to top books in all genres for adults, we have great YA books, kids books, and the best children's books, like Once Upon a Goat:

Books ship-in and ship-out from your mailbox (you will need a printer to print new shipping labels). 

Memberships start at $59/yr, plus $1.99 shipping once for each book. If you want to read 10 books or more this year, this is a good value. 

Browse our library (no sign-in required), and join here to start reading, or purchase a membership here on the Artifact Puzzles webpage.

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  • Sue Vogel on

    Another reason why I think of Artifact Puzzles as “the puzzle company with a heart!” Thanks for all you do to keep us entertained and connected.

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