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Carpe Noctem Books Subscription

Carpe Noctem Books Subscription

$ 59.00

A gift that lasts all year! Carpe Noctem Books is a new private library that lets for top-selling, high-quality books. We have both fiction and non-fiction, and books for children, kids, young adults (YA) and adults.  

Why use a private library? Compared to your local public library, Carpe Noctem Books is:

  • Safer and more convenient:
    • you pick books online from the comfort of your couch
    • books come to you by mail,
    • you ship out books from your mailbox
  • May be cheaper than going to your local library if your time is money
  • Keep each book as long as you want (no late fees)
  • Excellent and growing selection of top-rated and newest books.  Almost all of our books have a 4 star rating on GoodReads, and we take your requests for top-rated books!

There is also a $1.99/book shipping fee you pay once for each book you read, charged when you ship the book out. 

You can gift this membership by purchasing it here, then emailing us at help@carpenoctembooks to let us know:

  • your recipient's email address
  • when you want them to get an email telling them about your gift
  • gift message (any length)

If you would like your gift to also cover the $1.99/book shipping fees, buy a gift membership on the Carpe Noctem website instead.

Here is a link to browse the current library (requires an email) - more books are being added all the time! 

Carpe Noctem Books is a new company by the owners of Artifact Puzzles. 

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