Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Sign-up for our Speed Puzzling Contest - April 17

We're partnering with Speed Puzzling to bring you a speed puzzling contest you can do at home using Zoom.

When: Saturday April 17:

  • 11:30am CST for Pairs,
  • 2:30pm CST for Individuals

What:  Everyone gets shipped the same never-before-seen wood jigsaw puzzle of around 250 pieces, opens up their boxes at the same time on Zoom, and whoever's fastest wins!

Cost:  $55/entry, mostly goes to cover the cost of the wooden jigsaw puzzle, which you keep. You can only participate in one category: Individuals or Pairs. The cost is $55/entry (whether it's for 1 Individual or 1 Pair of puzzlers).

Prizes: Yes! Both for Individual and Team categories

Sign me up! Enter by buying the speed puzzling contest product. The contest puzzle will be shipped to you early April. Do NOT open the white shipping box!

More Questions? See the speed puzzling contest product.

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  • Maya on

    Yes, you can mute your Zoom audio while you’re puzzling. You might also try yodeling, which I think is an under-rated coping mechanism in general in the US. As @E_lok44 once tweeted “If a little light yodeling doesn’t solve all your problems, then I don’t know what to tell yoooo-doolee-ooou.” We don’t literally endorse that, as it is of course an over-statement, no one expects yodeling to raise people from the dead or fix the deficit, but it is likely to make you feel a bit better about the problems you can’t solve… Register for the contest by purchasing the Puzzle Contest here:

  • Kathy on

    After we open our boxes on camera, will we be allowed to mute our Zoom feed? I often sing to myself while I’m puzzling, but I sure don’t want to be heard by anyone else! 🙂

  • Tonia on

    This looks like a lot of fun!

  • Maya on

    We’ll have the registration link up in about a week and will blog about it here.

  • NNEKA TOI on

    when do we register and pay for at-home wooden jigsaw puzzle speed puzzling contest-April 17?

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