Hoefnagel Puzzle Club Subscription

$ 195.00
Size: 6 months


Like old-school Netflix, but for wooden jigsaw puzzles:

This is a subscription to the Hoefnagel Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Club, which is a nation-wide private library by mail of over 1,500 different wooden jigsaw puzzles by over 50 different wooden jigsaw puzzle makers, including most Artifact/Ecru puzzles, but also fancy-schmancy hand-cut puzzles by the best puzzle-makers in the world like Stave puzzles, as well as laser-cut puzzles from around the world like Wentworth Puzzles from England and Mr. Bob Puzzles from Australia. 

You can browse the library before joining to see what all we offer.

Here's how the Hoefnagel Club works:
  • You add any puzzles you'd like to do to your wishlist (most puzzles come in a pack with two puzzles). 
  • You can keep each pack as short or as long as you want (until the membership expires).
  • After you return a pack, we send you a new pack from your wishlist, usually in about a week. 

You can go through puzzles as fast or slow as you want, but for each pack you ship out, we charge a $9.95 shipping fee (shipping to you is free).   Most packs have 2 puzzles, so this is generally $5 total-shipping-costs per puzzle. 

Is The Club A Good Value? Yes if you do at least 1 puzzle-a-month. If you do fewer puzzles, this is still an amazing value if you want access to the world's best puzzles. 

What Do Members Say About It? Scroll down to read customer reviews to see what actual members have to say.

What If Something Goes Wrong? We aim to provide a hassle-free, high-quality experience, and have excellent customer service to fix any problems with puzzles or shipping. Email us at help@woodenjigsawpuzzles.com with any specific concerns or questions.

Makes a Great Gift!: You can gift a subscription in two ways.  

Option 1: Just the Membership: Buy the membership here (and let them pay their own ship-out fees), then email us right away at artifactpuzzles@gmail.com to let us know it is a gift with:

  • when you want them notified by email (and the subscription activated)
  • their email address
  • your gift message (any length)

    Option 2: All Expenses Paid: If you prefer to cover all the shipping fees for your gift, buy your gift subscription from the Hoefnagel Puzzle Club page directly, they will keep your credit card on file and charge it for your recipient's shipping fees. Note some people go through a pack a week, so please make sure you love them that much before choosing this option! 

    What Happens Next? If you purchase your membership here, you will receive an email in ~24 hours with instructions for activating your subscription, and you'll receive your first puzzle pack 2-10 days after activation.  

    More Questions? Please see the FAQ at www.woodenjigsawpuzzles.com/faq.html.

    Write a Review

    Name: River
    Review: I read an article earlier this year about how public libraries could never get founded in the modern day because of the political climate - that there was no way an institution this much "for the people" would get public support, that it would be lobbied against by publishers too much, etc. The Hoefnagel Puzzle Club is a ringing endorsement that this article was wrong. The amount of goodwill in this library is astounding. While it's true that this isn't a public library, the amount of value you will get from your journey with this jigsaw puzzle library is unbelievable. I'm now finding Stave trick puzzles to be a bit commonplace to solve, can you believe it? What an absolute joy this membership has brought me already in the very short time I've had it (about a month now I think), and here's to many more happy months, I cannot recommend signing up enough!!
    Name: Debbie B.
    Review: I love this club. Thank you for making it happen.
    Name: Michael
    Review: The Hoefnagel Puzzle Club is awesome! Top quality puzzles arrive at your door. Some may think that the annual cost is expensive but having access to big name puzzles like Stave, Liberty and Artifact makes it an affordable option. One Stave would cost much more than the subscription. Don’t hesitate - sign up now!
    Name: Anna
    Review: I absolutely love this puzzle club. By my rough calculation I have done over $3000 worth of puzzles in the first year. It is completely worth it, because I never would’ve paid that amount of money to buy puzzles. I have dozens on my wish list because there are so many that I like and so I’m always pleased with whatever shows up! When I have had a problem like a lost piece, it has been very fast and pleasant to resolve. If you want to do a lot of high quality, beautiful wooden puzzles, this totally the way to do it. I just renewed for my second year and I can’t wait to do more!
    Name: Janet Farnham
    Review: Everything about this rental club has been superb! First, it has allowed me to try many types of puzzles, cuts, makers, styles, etc. The world of wooden jigsaw puzzles is so unlike cardboard: there are many different designs and shapes. Before I heard about the Club, I was buying from different makers only to find some that just were not right for me. Hoefnagel has saved me so much money in the process of learning. And the customer service is excellent: Maya and Mysti seem more like friends than business people. Anyone who loves wooden jigsaw puzzles or wants to learn about them will find this Club a fabulous resource!