Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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6 Month Hoefnagel Puzzle Club Subscription

6 Month Hoefnagel Puzzle Club Subscription

$ 195.00

Makes a great gift! This is a 6 month subscription to the Hoefnagel Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Club, a private library of over 400 wooden jigsaw puzzles. The membership fee enables you to borrow as many wood jigsaw puzzles as you'd like over the 6 months, keeping each of them as long as you would like. Most puzzles are borrowed in packs of 2 puzzles, a few bigger puzzles ship individually.

You can gift this subscription by purchasing it here, then emailing us right away at to let us know it is a gift. Tell us:

  • when you want them to get an email about their gift
  • their email address
  • your gift message (any length)

The library has most of the larger Artifact and Ecru puzzles ever made, as well as a broad selection of wooden jigsaw puzzles from around 20 different puzzle-makers, both hand-cut puzzles and laser-cut puzzles. 

There is an additional $11.50 shipping fee to cover shipping each puzzle pack (the fee is charged only once per pack). If you purchase this as a gift, you will only be charged the subscription price, the recipient will need to pay their own shipping fees.

If you prefer to cover all the shipping fees too for your gift, then please instead buy your gift subscription from the Hoefnagel Puzzle Club page directly, that gift option covers everything.

Use the same email as you use here to login to the puzzle club page to see the puzzles available and start ranking which ones you'd like. You will receive an email in ~24 hours with instructions for activating your subscription, and you'll receive your first puzzle pack 2-10 days later. Please see for more details.

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Name: Deb W
Review: Such a great idea! It's fun doing new puzzles and not needing to dedicate a large portion of my house to puzzle storage. Artifact Puzzles are really in a class by themselves: They are creative, beautiful and great to do around cats because the connected pieces stay together even when a cat jumps up and sleeps on them. Also, even the difficult ones have have a small "footprint", so you don't need six feet of table space to do them.
Name: Barbara and Larry Hauser
Review: We have been purchasing Artifact Puzzles since the early days when they opened and were based in Seattle. We love the Artifact Puzzles and have been thrilled by the addition of the Ecru line. In Maya and Jim's next burst of creativity, they have organized this Puzzle Club, an idea of superb genius which has been executed with great planning and thoughtfulness. We love the Puzzle Club, and we are writing here to represent those who are the Slow Puzzlers!! We have always worked on our puzzles at a leisurely pace, and we have continued this practice with our Puzzle Club selections. We each stop by the puzzle table for about 1/2 hour or so a day, and delve into the latest adventure presented by this beautiful artwork and stunning craftsmanship. Even though we are not going to be using the quantity of Packs that some might use, we feel we are receiving huge value from our membership. We love the contact free shipping in both directions; in fact, we view it as essential during these times. We are on our second pack now, and we have already tried one puzzle that we probably would not have purchased, but which we thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated! So, the Cub has expanded our puzzle horizons. For months during this pandemic, puzzle selection was extremely limited due to the high demand and the difficulty of production; now, however, we have so many wonderful choices for our next puzzle adventure. Thank you Maya and Jim for designing this enterprise which is providing joy to so many of us. We hope it is a huge success for you, and we will do our part by sharing it with our friends.
Name: Meredith
Review: These puzzles are all so beautiful and such a delight to work on! I'm so glad my friend told me about them - doing these puzzles is a whole different thing than regular puzzles. They are beautiful art in so many ways. In the past I borrowed some puzzles from a friend who collects them, and bought one myself, but I wasn't ready to invest in buying more, so I was so happy to find the puzzle club. I'm on my third pack of puzzles and I love them all!!
Name: Stephanie T.
Review: I signed up for the puzzle club just over a week ago and this has already become perhaps my favorite purchase of the entire year. Some things to know (and love!) about this club - * Service is incredible. The Wooden Jigsaw puzzles team responds to emails within a few hours, and have always been thoughtful, detailed and helpful with every question I've had. * Selection is great. You can browse the library before you sign up to get a sense - but there are WAY more puzzles available via this club than I've been able to find anywhere else on the internet these days. The owners mentioned there are about ~200 puzzles in the catalog and within my first few days of membership they added another dozen or so. * Value is excellent. If you are on this page it's likely because you are interested in wooden puzzles. I've already received five puzzles and consider my costs as completely recouped given the size and cost of the puzzles if I'd bought them. (FYI, the $12.75 shipping only applies one-way, a question I had before I joined). The speed of delivery is really fast, and the algorithm is designed to ship puzzles out essentially as quickly as you are ready. * Concept is perfect for people with smaller home spaces or have a lot of time to puzzle. While I love owning and sharing the handful of wooden puzzles I've invested in, if I bought a new puzzle at the rate I've been doing them lately my house would be full of puzzles and I'd be completely broke. THANK YOU WOODEN PUZZLE TEAM FOR SAVING ME!! In case it isn't clear, I would recommend this club to anyone considering it, or -- if you have a friend or family member in your life that likes puzzles, this would be an incredible gift.
Name: Stephanie L.
Review: Review: we eagerly await our 5th (!) packet of puzzles from the puzzle club. the whole process runs very smoothly. maya and jim are a pleasure to work with - they're very responsive, answering emails almost immediately. this is a terrific opportunity to work artifact puzzles, both old and new, in stock and out of stock, without having to buy them all. an added bonus is the availability of puzzles by other companies/individuals. we were delighted to be able to work more puzzles by BCB and are looking forward to doing puzzles by mrgogo etc. we highly recommend the puzzle club to one and all.