Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Hoefnagel Puzzle Club Subscription

Hoefnagel Puzzle Club Subscription

$ 195.00

This is a subscription to the Hoefnagel Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Club, a private library of over 500 wooden jigsaw puzzles by 20 different wooden jigsaw puzzle makers, both hand-cut and laser-cut puzzles.

The membership fee enables you to borrow as many wood jigsaw puzzles as you'd like during your membership (we have a 6 month and 12 month option), keeping each of them as long as you would like. Most puzzles are borrowed in packs of 2 puzzles, a few bigger puzzles ship individually.

You can gift this subscription by purchasing it here, then emailing us right away at to let us know it is a gift. Tell us:

  • when you want them to get an email about their gift
  • their email address
  • your gift message (any length)

The library has most of the larger Artifact and Ecru puzzles ever made, as well as a broad selection of wooden jigsaw puzzles from around 20 different puzzle-makers, both hand-cut puzzles and laser-cut puzzles. 

There is an additional $9.95 shipping fee to cover shipping each puzzle pack (the fee is charged only once per pack). If you purchase this as a gift, you will only be charged the subscription price, the recipient will need to pay their own shipping fees.

If you prefer to cover all the shipping fees too for your gift, then please instead buy your gift subscription from the Hoefnagel Puzzle Club page directly, the gift option there covers all shipping fees during the gift membership.

Use the same email as you use here to login to the puzzle club page to see the puzzles available and start ranking which ones you'd like. You will receive an email in ~24 hours with instructions for activating your subscription, and you'll receive your first puzzle pack 2-10 days later. Please see for more details.

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Name: Payal Goel
Review: This puzzle club is one of the best gifts I have ever received. I am an avid puzzler, and I was subsisting on library book store puzzles for long. Those puzzles were fine, but these puzzles are glorious. They are beautifully made with a wide variety of shapes, and different puzzles lend to different puzzle-making strategies. Another beauty of this club is that you don't accumulate a bunch of puzzles which, after you have done them once, are not as fun to do than puzzles you have never seen before. You simply ship puzzles back after you've done them, and wait (not long) for the next shipment of puzzles. I whole-heartedly recommend this club!
Name: Eve Wachtell
Review: I absolutely adore this puzzle club. Every time a box arrives, it brings me such joy. Thank you, thank you, for putting this lovely community together.
Name: Amanda
Review: I've been active in the club now for less than a month, but am loving it. I haven't had to wait long between shipping one pack out and getting one in. And I've been able to try a slew of puzzles (one of which I will probably put back on my wish list because it was so awesome!). If you love puzzles, this club is well worth it.
Name: Carol
Review: What’s not to like about this new puzzle rental club? Affordable. No pressure to finish puzzles within short time frames. Great customer service with quick answers to any question. A great range of puzzles, big to tiny, and an abundance of themes and styles. The best antidote I know of to Covid cabin fever.
Name: Paul
Review: We're enjoying the puzzle club immensely! We just completed the puzzles in our 3rd pack they were both from Davinci a puzzle company I was not familiar with and I believe are Russian. It's been really fun to explore the style of different manufacturers and also to go for art and pieces count I might not normally opt for. I'm really discovering how much fun some of the lower piece count puzzles are. My wife and I did a 250 piece fantasy themed puzzle today while watching "Legend" and it was the perfect companion as we finished it up during the final scene of the movie. I'm also happy to have a place to forward on the puzzles we don't anticipate assembling again anytime soon. It's a great system getting some credit to use toward the club and also helping to build up the inventory.