Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Hoefnagel Puzzle Club Subscription

Hoefnagel Puzzle Club Subscription

$ 195.00

Like Old-school Netflix, but for Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles:

This is a subscription to the Hoefnagel Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Club, a nation-wide private library of over 1,000 different wooden jigsaw puzzles by 30 different wooden jigsaw puzzle makers. We have the best laser-cut and fancy hand-cut puzzles.  You can browse the library before joining.

All The Puzzles I Want? Yes!

  • You make a wishlist of all the packs of puzzles you would like to do (most packs come with two puzzles). 
  • When you return a pack, we send you a new pack from your wishlist (within 4 days on average). 
  • You can keep each pack as long as you want.
  • You can borrow as many puzzles as you want. 

There is an additional $9.95 ship-out fee charged once per each puzzle pack borrowed (most packs contain 2 puzzles). 

Is the club a Good Value? Yes if you want to do least 1 wooden jigsaw puzzle a month. Scroll down to read customer reviews to see what actual members have to say.

Makes a Great Gift!: You can gift a subscription in two ways.  

Option 1: Gift just the membership by purchasing it here, then emailing us right away at to let us know it is a gift. Tell us:

  • when you want them notified by email (and the subscription activated)
  • their email address
  • your gift message (any length)
Note they will have to pay themselves the $9.95 ship-out fee per pack. 

    Option 2: All expenses paid: Gift the membership & all shipping fees: If you prefer to cover all the shipping fees too for your gift, then please instead buy your gift subscription from the Hoefnagel Puzzle Club page directly, they will keep your credit card on file and charge it for your recipient's shipping fees. Note some people go through a pack a week, so please make sure you love them that much before choosing this option. 

    What Happens Next? If you purchase your membership here, you will receive an email in ~24 hours with instructions for activating your subscription, and you'll receive your first puzzle pack 2-10 days after activation.  

    More Questions? Please see for more details.

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    Name: Judi Finneran, Pacific Puzzlers
    Review: Words can not describe how much I am totally loving the puzzle club. I recently did some wooden puzzles and was totally hooked. However I only ever do each puzzle only once and the price to own wooden puzzles was more than I wanted to spend. The club is the perfect answer to doing loads of wooden puzzles for an amazing price, I have been a member for 2 weeks and have done $870 dollars worth of puzzles already... Will be fun to see that total at the end of my subscription. Also love the referral program and have already earned a free month. And I plan to refer everyone I know. Also a great way to try so many brands of puzzles. The speed of getting new puzzles is great. Also so much fun to print the label and se where it is headed next. If you love wooden puzzles the club is no brainer! Love the club! Judi
    Name: LisaB
    Review: I LOVE this puzzle club! A great selection of >600 puzzles, including some expensive hand-cut puzzles. I'm a newby, so I enjoy easier puzzles, but people who like harder puzzles find plenty of challenge here. I'm amazed at the AI that figures out in under a minute who wants the puzzle pack you've finished and then produces a printable label addressed to that person. And the customer service is THE BEST!!
    Name: JC
    Review: I am totally thrilled with the Puzzle Club! (Member since September 2021)
    Name: Julia Sherry
    Review: What an incredible resource!!! All of the puzzles are top quality, the turnaround is amazing, and the customer service cannot be beat. I absolutely love the Hoefnagel Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Club.
    Name: Janet Farnham
    Review: There are not enough stars to adequately express how much I love this club. This past "Covid year" has been horrible in so many ways, but a positive outcome for me was discovering the joys of jigsaw puzzles. I started with the traditional type but once I was introduced to wooden puzzles, I never looked back. I soon found that there were some I loved and some I truly hated. Then I found the Hoefnagel Club and it has been sheer joy ever since. Maya (and Mysti) are fantastic with answering my questions and helping me with selections. And I am convinced that these are not only entertainment: they are good for my aging brain. I am such a super-fan!!