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50% off 181 piece Ecru Mondrian Oostzijdse Mill Puzzle (Last Chance To Buy!)

We are discontinuing our 181 piece Ecru Mondrian Oostzijdse Mill Puzzle, and offering it at 50% for the crazy price of $26. 

The image is beautiful, and despite having a straight edge, the puzzle is quite hard for being 181 pieces because it has non-unique Hilbert-curve based pieces (pictured below). 

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  • Barbara Warman on

    I’m surprised to see this puzzle being discontinued…it is one of my favorites. The design is difficult enough to be satisfying but not so difficult as to be discouraging. The colors are calming and beautiful to work with. If you haven’t bought it yet, do so now…you’ll enjoy it. I’ve got quite a large puzzle collection but have returned to do this one three times so far.

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