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Daniel Merriam - New Puzzles, New Show in NY, New Gallery in Sausalito

Daniel Merriam paints the most elegant and interesting watercolors, and we're delighted to have

two new limited edition puzzles of two of his most beloved works!  Each is a run of 2000 puzzles,

with the number (out of 2000) engraved on the inside lid of our wood box. 


The puzzles pieces were designed by puzzle artist Tara Flannery.

The Flight of Scarlet has art-deco-y pieces echoing the spirals in the image (and just one whimsy piece!), and a straight edge.

The Man in the Moon has bubbly-pieces with round connectors and lots of themed whimsy pieces, and a decorative (not straight) edge.




Brand new art by Daniel Merriam will be on display Nov 13-Dec 13 at AFA Gallery in SoHo.  Seems like a perfect excuse for a trip to NY!


Find out more about the show and how to RSVP for the opening night here.

Daniel Merriam recently opened his own art gallery in Sausalito called Bubble Street. I can't believe I lived 7 years in the Bay Area before discovering Sausalito- it's got this cutesy boardwalk strip with amazing views across the Bay of San Francisco City. The gallery sells a lot of really big high-quality canvas reproductions of his best works, and it's incredible to see his art at its original huge size. My new favorite might be his Le Petit Trianon, with its baroque feel and two-legged dinosaur.  (You can also get our limited edition Merriam puzzles there.)

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