Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Ecru Puzzles - Mystery Puzzle #16

Ecru Puzzles - Mystery Puzzle #16

$ 82.00

For serious jigsaw puzzlers only: this 331 piece "mystery" wooden jigsaw puzzle does not come with a picture on the box (though the image is hidden inside the box in case you need to sneak a peek, or want to label the puzzle box afterwards.)

We'll tell you is this is a colorful contemporary Fauvist painting, and we think it is really hard!

The puzzle has an irregular edge and lots of themed whimsies, and was designed by Amy Tang and Danny Song. 

Our Ecru Puzzles line is characterized by a closer cut and a matte finish to reduce glare. Like all our puzzles, made of 1/4" thick laser-cut wood and made in the USA. Packaged in our standard pine wood box. Made in the USA (specifically, in Fremont, CA).

11.5" by 12.5"

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Name: Jennifer Kolar
Review: I am admittedly addicted to your puzzles and have more than 30 in my house. I mostly only purchase ones that are difficult or have at least 200 pieces. This one was so fun. In all the ones we've done, we have to say it was one of our favorites! I am now going to look for more from this designer.
Name: Jen5
Review: We own and have enjoyed countless artifact puzzles. This was our first mystery and it was exciting to figure it out. Three Experienced puzzler adults x over two hours of concentration and laughter as the puzzle came together. We only buy the hard puzzles and this one is great !!
Name: Christine
Review: Love these mystery puzzles. This one has tons of fun elements to it (themed whimsies! Unusual piece shapes!) and a colorful image that was really beautiful and satisfying to complete.
Name: CT
Review: Buy it!! You won’t be disappointed! We really loved everything about it. It’s challenging but not frustrating. The design is fantastic and the picture is colorful and beautiful! There are lots of candy like pieces - so cute. This is another fabulous mystery puzzle! More like this please ❤️