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Artifact Puzzles - Geoffrey Gersten In Dreams Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Artifact Puzzles - Geoffrey Gersten In Dreams Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 39.00

This is a 116 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle of a whimsical painting titled "In Dreams", by Geoffrey Gersten. This puzzle has a unique mini-hex piece design that makes putting it together fun and a little more challenging than you'd expect for such a small puzzle! (Really hard difficulty.) Like all our puzzles, the pieces are laser-cut from 1/4" thick wood. Packed in a small box with magnetic clasp. Made in USA.

  • 116 pieces
  • 10.5" X 6.75" 
  • laser-cut wooden jigsaw puzzle
  • Made in USA


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    Name: Helen C
    Review: What a bargain! For the price, 116 pieces of delightful challenge with the min-hex piece shape predominating and a scatter of humorous whimsies. Like the rabbit and the panda characters in the image, I’d recommend this tor any parent-child team who would enjoy taking a magic rocket ride together!
    Name: Rachel and Aaron Cato
    Review: Sometimes we pick up small puzzles for a quick, easy one. Well, this is a small one, but if you want an easy one keep looking. For a small piece count, this cut and the colors make this one challenging but still loads of fun.
    Name: Jae
    Review: This is a great puzzle with really unique pieces. I had a lot of fun doing this puzzle with my mom. As usual, the quality was excellent and the final design was beautiful!
    Name: Colleen
    Review: I really love this puzzle. It’s quite fun. The colors are bright and vibrant, which definitely adds to the enjoyment of doing this puzzle. The non-flat borders and pink clouds that swirl add to the difficulty. The hexagon-linked pieces adds to the overall whimsy. I usually only really enjoy the level 4, super challenging puzzles. Since it was listed under level 4 difficulty, I was hoping for something that was a bit more challenging. Given the number of pieces and price point, the challenge of it was reasonable.
    Name: Dana
    Review: I bought this puzzle for my brother for Christmas. He LOVED it. It tortured my sister to watch him do it. She is the puzzler in the family and she was dying to help! The mini-hex pieces made this a really fun puzzle. Terrific image, great colors. It was the PERFECT gift!

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